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Cork City Council Minutes

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Oct 1710- Sep 1732, Jul 1901- Oct 1906, Dec 1912 - Jun 1991; April 1992 - Dec 2016


55 vols.

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Cork City Council Meetings and Committees



Cork City Council


Scope and Content Minute book volumes containing the final official record of the proceedings and resolutions of meetings of the full Cork City Council / Council of Cork Corporation and also including full or partial resolutions or minutes of some of its principal constituent or standing committees and some smaller sub committees. Records the major decisions and resolutions made by the Council and covering many of the financial, political, administrative, and civic matters involved in the governance of the city of Cork by Cork Corporation. The first volume from 1710-32 is an important source for the history of the pre-1840 or unreformed Corporation. The volumes from the early 20th century are of particular interest to the study of Irish nationalism, republicanism and the war of independence. Of major interest for local history including the economic, social and physical development of Cork City, as well as information on various prominent local people and events. The volumes document the various changes in local

government administration and legislation, particularly for the 1924-1945 period, and are thus of interest to the history of local government in Ireland.

Meetings include minutes of full Council meetings and quarterly/monthly meetings and decisions referred by sub committes such as, those on working class housing, public works, tolls and markets, waterworks, public health, Fitzgeralds Park, law and finance, and later on the general purposes committee, committee of whole Council, estimates meetings, special meetings, sanitary services/environmental committee, finance committee, planning committee, roads/traffic/transportation committee, joint Corporation/County Council committee, and various small sub-committees such as the arts, itinerant, and markets sub committees.

No original full Council minute books have survived for pre-1710 or between Sept. 1732 and July 1901. Volume no.11 (original No.30) covering the period Nov 1906 – Nov 1912 is also missing.

10 of the volumes up to June 1967 include an integrated index which is arranged alphabetically, except for volume nos. 12, and 16. This index has been digitised and is available as a separate finding aid (no digital index to vol. 15 ; available in original index volume format only).

The volumes from 1901 to 1967 are each over 600pp in size.

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Existence and Location of Copies The 1710-32 volume is transcribed in part in Richard Caulfield's publication 'The Council Book of the Corporation of Cork 1609-1643 and 1690-1800'. Printed copies of the minutes are also extant for 1930s-1950s.

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Draft Council Minute Books


Various Council Committee minute books have survived for the 1867-c.1930 period. Caulfield, Richard, The Council Book of the Corporation of Cork 1609-1643 and 1690-1800


Stoker Deeds


Hilda Buckley Ballet Scrapbooks


Cork City Council City Manager's Orders


Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1883-1884 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1884 and 1885 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1886 and 1887 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) for 1888 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1889 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1890 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) in 1891 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) for 1892-1897 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) for 1915 - 1919 Cork Corporation Reports, for 1878, 1879, 1880 printed in 1881 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) 1898-1904 printed in 1915 Cork Corporation Reports (Printed) 1905 - 1912 printed in 1915













CP/RP(p) [Duplicates]

Cork Corporation Reports (Printed, Duplicates) Cork City Council Chief Executive's Orders



Cork City Council City Manager's Office


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Brian McGee, Archivist CCCA 29 Aug 2019




21 October 1710 - 28 September 1732

Title: Level:

Cork Corporation Council Minutes




Scope and Content: Council Book of the Corporation of Cork. Records the orders/resolutions of Assemblies of the Mayor, Sheriffs and Common Council of the City of Cork.


'The persons appointed to oversee the building of the new South stone bridge reported that they were upon agreement with Thomas Chatterton, Mason and John Coltsman, Stone Cutter to build the same...for three hundred pounds...' (18 Jan 1713, p21)

'Ordered that the Mayors Sallery for the ensueing yeare bee two hundred pounds ster.' (3 Aug 1713, p.16)

'Ordered that Jonas Johnson the son of William Johnson deceased aged eight years be admitted into St.Stephen Hospitall as one of the Poore Boys thereof being presented by Mr. Thomas Walker a Member of this Councill of which the Schoolmaster of the said Hospital is to take notice'. (5 Nov 1715, p36)

'Ordered that the Castle of Blackrock by repaired by the Corporation...(2 Jan 1723, p97)

'Ordered that Ald. Terry, Mr. Broklesby and Mr. Floulks, be the three persons of the Councill to join with the Four Commons to examine and audit the Chamberlains Accounts.' (27 May 1723, p108)

'Ordered that My Ld Chiefe Justice Windham and Mr. Prince [Serjant] Bernard the late lord Justices of Assize be admitted freeman at large of the City and that their ffreedoms be presented to them in Silver boxes [which] are to be supplied by Mr. James ffoucault and that the Chamberlain doe pay the said James Foucault two guineas for the said boxes' (12 April 1725, p172) List of names of the Mayors and Sheriffs appearing in the volume, 1710-1732 (p.1) Most of the meetings from October 1723 onwards contain the signatures of those attending. The names are mainly English in origin, but also include some names possibly of Huguenot origin such as Foucault, Lavitt, Delahoide, Huleath and Perdriau.




26 July 1901 - 12 October 1906

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



661pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings. (Original No.29) with index. (Previous items, nos. 2 - 9 are missing)


Association of Municipal Corporations, requesting opinion of Corporation on proposed Education Bill (p114) (9 May 1902)

Butter Market Trustees Cork, Election of Trustees for 1902 (p103) (11 Apr 1902)

Corn Market Committee, members of Council (p69) (23 Jan 1902)

Carnegie Free Library, Mr. Carnegie’s intention to advance £10,000 (pp139, 145) (8, 22 Aug 1902)

Deputation from Cork International Exhibition calling on Railway Companies to give greater facilities and greater travelling rates in connection with Exhibition, (p131) (27 Jun 1902)

Fizgerald, Sir Edward, Bart. Elected Lord Mayor of Cork (p67) (23 Jan 1902))

Hackney Carriage Committee, suggesting adoption by Council re.Tram Car Bye-Laws (p21) (27 Sep 1901)

Irish Trades Union Congress, enclosing resolutions (pp125-126) (6 Jun 1902)

Local Government Board, letter from sanctioning £5,000 for a Town Hall (pp8,14) (23 Aug; 14 Sep 1901)

Moran, Cardinal, Archbishop of Sydney, Freedom of City conferred (pp147, 149) (Aug 1902)

Notices of Motion: such as: Three incandescent electric lamps in Georges Street (Councillor Scully) (p27) (11 Oct 1901) Address to John Redmond, M.P., and P.A. McHugh, M.P., and Thomas O’Donnell, M.P. prior to their departure for America (Councillor Lane) (p28) (11 Oct 1901)

Also includes:

Freedom of City on John E. Redmond (Leader of Irish Parliamentary Party), (pp 53, 55 etc.) (Dec. 1901)

Young Ireland Society erecting monument (Cllr. Myles) (pp138, 144) (Jul - Aug 1902)

Public Works Committee. Re. erection of additional 498 gas lamps throughout City (p37) (8 Nov 1901)

£5 paid to Gaelic League re. naming principal streets in Irish, (p122) (30 May 1902)

Rates, Striking of, for year ending 31 March, 1904, (pp 121, 122) (30 May 1902)

South Centre Ward, Election of Sir. A. Sutton (p85) (21 Feb 1902)

Urban Council, Skibbereen approving of proposed connection between Great Southern & Western Railway and Cork & Bandon & Passage Railway re. bridge across River Lee (p49) (6 Dec 1902)

Chief Secretary Wyndham's visit, Lord Mayor’s action on receiving him (p157) (12 Sep 1902)




13 December 1912 - 8 March 1918

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings. (Original No.31) No index.


Proposal for public abbatoir in City from deputation of County Committee of Agriculture, farmers, cattle dealers, and others (p.1) (13 Dec 1912)

Appointment of WJ Dunlea Esq LLD, Solicitor, as deputy president of the Court of Conscience (p.11) (14 Feb 1913)

Ward nominations to committees such as Public Works, Public Health, Library etc. (pp21 - 28) (14 Feb 1913)

Motion of sympathy on death of Patrick Forde of New York, 'steadfast friend of the Irish' in the USA (p97) (26 Sep 1913)

Notice of result of 1914 County Borough elections, giving name, address, and number of votes for each candidate (pp.123 - 125) (19 Jan 1914)

Invitation from Lady Aberdeen for attendance at opening of Civic Exhibition in Dublin (p.180) (26 Jun 1914)

Motion protesting at continuance of Arms Proclamation in Ireland (p.180) (26 Jun 1914)

Striking of Rates of Year Ending 31 March 1915 (p.184) (22 May 1914)

Consideration of tenders for annual supplies (p.235) (22 Jan 1915)

Letter from H.P. Donegan, Captain, Irish National Volunteers, re. concession of working hours for members guarding bridges (p.236) (22 Jan 1915)

Appointment of Liam De Roiste and Saoirse Mac Niocaill of the Gaelic League to the Technical Instruction Committee (p.248) (26 Feb 1915)

Flooding of Tivoli and Lower Mayfield, action by City Engineer and City Solicitor (p.328) (26 Nov 1915)

Lord Mayor's resolution re. government action as a result of the 1916 Rising (p.386) (12 May 1916)

Proposed munitions factory at St. Peters Market (p.389) (26 May 1916)

Cork Consumers League, resolutions passed to special meeting of Law and Finance Committee re. diminishing the hardship of the working poor, etc. (p.437) (27 Oct 1916)

Special meeting, resolution re. proposed Cork Improvement Bill (p.502) (16 Mar 1917)

Unanimous adoption of resolution from the Irish National Aid and Volunteer Society re. harsh treatment of Sinn Fein prisioners in Cork Military Detention Barracks (p.578) (21 Sep 1917)

Deputation of clergy to urge additional sixpence per head per week in aid of maintenance of Cork children committed to industrial schools (p.621) (11 Jan 1918)

(Note: next item, number 11 in the series/original No.30, covering period Nov 1906 – Nov 1912, is missing).




15 March 1918 - 4 November 1920

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



463pp plus c.20pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No.32). With index.


Resolutions suggested by Alderman Meade calling on the USA to condemn 'English militarist tyranny' (p82) (27 Sep 1918)

Public Health Committee, report of Medical Officer on sanitary condition of elementary schools (p377) (23 Apr 1920)

Resolution of notice to Dail Eireann following death of Tomás Mac Curtain requesting 'united diplomatic action'. (p380) (7 May 1920)

Tolls and Markets committee, collision of military lorry with toll house, St.Luke's Cross (p412) (2 Jul 1920)

Allotments Committee, regulations (p14) (12 Apr 1918)

Allegiance of Corporation to Dail Eireann (pp332, 405) (30 Jan, 25 Jun, 1920)

Corporation Baths, alloting a day for ladies (pp42) (14 Jun 1920)

Child Welfare League, deputation to adopt scheme (p5) (22 Mar 1918)

Motion protesting against Conscription, by Alderman Meade (p12) (12 Apr 1918)

Strike at Dobbin Ogilvies, ITGWU letter (p189) (18 Apr 1919))

Gaelic League, Cork Branch, application for loan of platform for use at Dublin Hill (pp54) (12 Jul 1918)

Irish Women's Franchise League, adoption of resolution from, re. imprisonment of Irishwomen including Maude Gonne MacBride, Countess Markievicz and Mrs. T. Clarke (p82) (27 Sep 1918)

'Lord Mayor's Serjeants' given increase of 10 shillings per week (p105) (15 Nov 1918)

Law and Finance, committee, polling stations approved and general purposes rate levied for half year (p129) (12 Dec 1918)

Political prisoners, holding of (pp152) (24 Jan 1919)

Resolution from West Ward Sinn Fein club (p40) (14 Jun 1918)

Technical Instruction Committee, ward nominations to (p10) (22 Mar 1918)

Transport Workers Union, Corporation employees, report of City Solicitor on increase of 5 shillings (p122) (6 Dec 1918)

University College, motion re. obtaining charter for independent university (p13) (12 Apr 1918)

City Hall and Working Class Dwellings committee, meeting Feb. 1918 (p320) (28 Nov 1919)




12 November 1920 - 28 December 1923

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



606pp plus 50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No.33). With index.


Allegiance to Dail Eireann, resolution (p184) (30 Dec 1921)

Claim in respect of ambulance commanded by National Forces (p375) (27 Oct 1922)

Approval of plans & specifications for Cattle Market and Fahy’s Well housing schemes (p468) (29 Mar 1923)

Political prisoners, amnesty (p531) (3 Aug 1923)

Richard Barrett, I.R.A.; Council’s Sympathy on Execution of, (p400) (8 Dec 1922)

Lighting of lamps during curfew (pp10, 13) (12 Nov, 26 Nov 1920)

Granting of Cinema Licences (pp120, 140) (27 Aug, 14 Sep 1921)

Child Welfare League (p168 etc.) (9 Nov 1921)

Alderman C. Coughlan, Resignation from Public Works Cttee. (p237) (13 Apr 1922)

Charabanc Hackney Licence,

protest against (pp147, 177) (12 Oct, 26 Nov 1921)

Rebuilding of City Hall ( pp222) (24 Mar 1922)

City Center, reconstruction committee (pp 9, 233, etc) (12 Nov 1920, 4 Apr 1922)

Protest against Civil War (pp338, 366) (11 Aug, 13 Oct 1922)

General Michael Collins, Commander in Chief, Irish Army, sympathy on death (in ambush) and Deputation to Dublin to attend funeral of (pp341, 343) (25 August 1922)


of Council under ‘Housing of Working Classes’ Acts 1898 to 1908, (p449) (23 Feb


Cartage contract, protest by Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union (p456 etc) (9 Mar 1923)

Dissolution of Board of Guardians (pp530, 540) (2 Jul, 24 Aug 1923)

Ford & Son, Request waiving Covenant re. employment of adult males, (p232 etc) (4 Apr 1922)

Gaelic League Representatives on Library Committee (pp570, 573) (26, 29 Oct 1923)

Lower Glanmire Road Rebuilding of destroyed premises opposite St. Patrick’s Church (p284) (23 Jun 1922)

Malicious Injury Claims, opposed (pp 60, 367 etc.) (12 Apr 1921)

North Main St. Street improvement, Provisional Government grant of £3000 (p 221) (13 Oct 1922)

Cllr.Professor O’Rahilly, Resignation from Council on arrest (p101) (22 Aug 1921)

Rates, for year ending 31 March, 1922 (p87) 31 March, 1923 to 31 March, 1924 (p 518) (13 Jul 1923)




11 January 1924 - 18 June 1929

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



662pp vol plus 50pp index

Scope and Content: (i) Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 34).


Representation from Cork Workers Council concerning status of the Reconstruction Committee (p.4) (11 Jan 1924)

Minutes of Waterworks Committee confirmed (p.21) (25 Jan 1924)

Notice of Special Meeting of Council acting as Cork Urban Sanitary Authority re. Infectious Disease (Notification) Act 1889 (p98) (23 May 1924)

Income and Expenditure, balance sheets for each fund, such as improvement, Working Class Dwellings, Sanitary, Fire Brigade, Waterworks, Poor Rate, Cemetery, Borough, Tolls and Markets, with summary of rates to be levied (p99-104) (6 Jun 1924) Order by Minister for Local Government and Public Health dissolving the Council of the County Borough of Cork and appointing Pilib Ó Muineachain (Philip Monahan) as Commissioner having '..the property and the several powers and duties of the Council'. (p.178) (30 Oct 1924)

Last Council meeting prior to dissolution (p171) (24 Oct 1924)

First meeting of Commissioner Monahan (p179) (21 Nov 1924)

Appointment of SW Farrington of Lisburn as City Engineer subject to departmental approval (p181) (21 Nov 1924)

Proposal for compulsory Irish for clerical appointments (p187) (5 Dec 1924)

Consideration of tenders for erection of municipal buildings (p188) (5 Dec 1924)

Collectors closing returns for Rates made 12 Jun 1925 (p292) (25 Nov 1925)

Thanks to MJ Daly of Shanakiel for providing half the cost of a suspension bridge over the Lee (Daly's Bridge) (p375) (10 Sep 1926)

Scheme for amalgamation of health districts in Cork (1924), change of title to boards of public assistance. (p408) (19 Jan 1927)

Appointment of 4 members of the Harbour Board (p421) (11 Mar 1927)

List of tenants at new houses, Capwell Road. (p516) (24 Feb 1928)

Creation of Cork Corporation 1928 Redeemable Stock, to amount of £106,000 for working class housing, Patrick Street sewerage, and bridge at Carrolls Quay/Camden Quay (p557) (8 Jun 1928)

Minutes for Law and Finance committee 10 Jan 1929 (p620) (25 Jan 1929)

Last meeting of the Commissioner (p637) (15 Mar 1929)

First meeting of the reestablished Council including election of Sean French as Lord Mayor (p638) (27 Mar 1929)

Decisions of City Hall Committee concerning building of new city hall (p651) (23 Apr 1929)

(ii) Index Volume concerning above Minute Book, A-Z by Subject




25 June 1929 - 26 October 1937

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 35). No index.


Membership and conference of Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland (p1-2) (25 Jun 1929)

Sub-Committee re. Traffic Problem, recommending special stopping places for buses (p4) (25 Jun 1929)

County Borough Insurance Committee, deputation (p6) (30 Jul 1929)

Resolution for Minister for Justice under Game Act to declare The Lough a sanctuary for wild duck and other game (p93) (2 Sep 1930)

Resolution proposing transfer of certain powers from City Manager to the Council, under section 8 of the Cork City Management Act 1929, including letting of Working Class Housing and power to order new works (p62) (8 Apr 1930)

Confirmation of minutes of General Purposes Committee (p141) (28 Apr 1931)

Report by City Manager concerning extension of the city boundaries (p144) (26 May 1931)

Opinion of Counsel regarding the power of the corporation to make a grant to Erinville Hospital at preliminary estimates meeting (p175) (24 Nov 1931)

Motion at special meeting by Lord Mayor to suspend City Manager from office (p178) (8 Dec 1931)

Deputation from Cork Operative Society of Masons, Bricklayers and Paviors re. employment of members in dispute with the Plasterers Society, regarding laying of tiles at Madden's Buildings, Blackpool (p238) (13 Dec 1932)

Statutory Rates Meeting (p246) (15 Feb 1933)

Copy of Auditors Report of Cork County Borough's accounts for 4 years ending 31 Mar 1933 (p284) (26 Sep 1933)

Special meeting to consider resolution under Housing Act 1931 to declare a certain defined area of the North West district a clearance area (p289) (31 Oct 1933)

Proposal from ESB to light city for 10 years at rate of £10,954 per annum, City Managers Report (p320) (26 Jun 1934)

Appointment of Public Library Committee for 1 year at Statutory Quarterly Meeting (p323) (10 Jul 1934)

Draft amended Bye-Laws under the Employment of Children Act 1903 submitted by City Solicitor (p326) (28 Aug 1934)

Borrowing of £400,000 for housing, new city hall, school of commerce, swimming pool, small dwellings acquisition advances (p333) (23 Dec 1934)

Adoption of Town Planning Act 1934 (p387) (23 Jul 1935)

Re-election of Sean French as Lord Mayor, and elections to committees, Special Meeting (p388) (30 Jul 1935)

Report of Town Clerk advising amendment of existing Polling Districts, owing to extensive new housing schemes (p408) (24 Sep 1935)

Preliminary estimates meeting, list of proposed works referred to City Manager (pp421-422) (26 Nov 1935)

Cork City Fire Brigade, unsatisfactory position in attending to fires at distance from city (p429) (17 Dec 1935)

Report of City Manager re. £30,000 for relief of unemployment in Cork City subject to submission of approved schemes (p513) (26 Jan 1937)

Death of Lord Mayor Sean French, newscutting concerning special meeting in his honour, 'He showed always a special consideration for the poor people of Cork, particularly for the people of Blackpool, to whom he was especially attached'. (p585) (Sep 1937)




23 November 1937 - 20 February 1946

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



606pp plus 50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 36). With index. Covers the period of The Emergency / Second World War


Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland, Delegates to Conference appointed (p53) (23 June 1938)

Air Raid Precautions, Dept. of Defence instructions re. (p172) (7 Sep 1939)

Cork Joint Area Council of the Building Industry, conference re. rotational system of labour on new reservoir construction (p298) (12 Aug 1941)

Borough Boundary Committee, Recommendation re. boundary extension adopted, attendance of Manning Robertson (p416) City Manager’s report (p479) (7 Sep 1943, 12 Sep 1944)

Ballyphehane Housing Scheme, submitted to Department; compulsory purchase order (p596) (22 Jan 1946)

Cork City Management Act, 1929, Minister’s letter re. (pp44, 62 etc) (24 May, 23 Aug 1938)

Thomas Davis centenary, erection of bust in City Library (p560) (28 Aug 1938)

Cork Council of Irish Unions, establishment of (p598) (12 Feb 1941)

Letter from Cork Fever Committee re. Diphtheria (p210) (26 Mar 1940)

Eglinton St. Swimming Baths, re-opening (p298) (12 Aug 1941)

New Fever Hospital, financing of (p594) (22 Jan 1945)

Greenmount Housing Scheme (p109) (24 Jan 1939)

Great Southern Railways, request for queue system at Grand Parade terminus (p346) (28 Jul 1942)

City Manager to borrow £300,000 for Slum Clearance (pp 59, 64) (25 Jul, 23 Aug 1938)

Vote of sympathy on treatment of German Jews (pp96, 102) (22 Nov, 13 Dec 1938)

Lee Fields fencing to 'prevent camping by Gypsies' (itinerants) (p311) (25 Nov 1941)

Town planning report, agreement with Manning Robertson (p218) (23 Apr 1940)

City Manager's report on Turf production (p.290) (10 Jun 1941)

Removal of statue of Queen Victoria (p.418) (28 Sep 1943)

Working hours and wages of Watchmen, (p.530) (24 Apr 1945)




26 February 1946 - 26 June 1951

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



620pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 37). With index.


Letter from Dept. of Agriculture re. public warning of world shortage of essential foodstuffs, and importance of allotments (p4) (12 Mar 1946)

Definition of proposed Cork County Borough planning district, including portions of Co. Cork Health district. (Under Town and Regional Planning Act 1934) (p14) (9 Apr 1946)

Adoption of Section 92 of the Public Health Acts and drafting of bye laws to regulate bathing in sections of the River Lee (p137) (12 Aug 1947)

Letter from Irish Tourist Association requesting erection of direction posts indicating main routes (p143) (9 Sep 1947)

Recommendations of Town Planning Committee (such as, reconstruction of 43-44 Patrick's Street, erection of weirs above Parliament and North Gate Bridges, conversion of 1 Camden Place into a school) (pp213-4) (25 May 1948)

Report of City Engineer re. flooding at Blackpool (p281) (14 Dec 1948)

Adoption of bye laws with respect to the sale of meat under Public Heath Act 1911 (p345) (23 Aug 1949)

Proposed new hospital at Gurraneabraher (Orthapedic) (pp413-4) (28 Feb 1950)

Bye laws 'for the good rule and government of the City of Cork', under Section 125 of the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act 1840, re. playing of musical or noisy instruments, keeping of noisy animals, etc (pp474-5) (22 Aug 1950)

Re-election of Alderman Sean MacCarthy as Lord Mayor (1st Quarterly Meeting) (p483) (30 Sep 1950)

Report of Committee of Whole Corporation 5 Jun 1951, including City Medical Officer's report on unfit houses, number of families requiring rehousing, etc. (pp613-616) (12 Jun 1951)




10 July 1951 - 23 August 1955

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



623pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 38). With index.


Letter from Vatican acknowledging Council's vote of sympathy on death of Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Felici (p2) (10 Jul 1951)

Report of meeting of General Purposes Committee 19 Jun 1951, including discussion of a licenced airfield at Farmers Cross, and the introduction of scheduled air services (p3) (10 Jul 1951)

National Mass Radiography Association, visit to Cork's 'bigger factories' (p22) (28 Aug 1951)

Adjourned rates meeting, fixing of rate at 33 shillings for year ending 31 Mar 1953 (p119-122) (25 Mar 1952)

School Attendance Committee noting shortage of school places in Ballyphehane and decrease in numbers attending central city schools (p146) (10 Jun 1952)

Consideration of orders made by the City Manager and Town Clerk between 20 May and 3 June 1952 (p150) (10 Jun 1952)

Special Meeting on death of Bishop of Cork Daniel Coholan (p178) (25 Aug 1952)

Report of Housing Committee, 7 Jul 1953 (p312) (13 Jul 1953)

Vote of congratulations to city medical officer and staff on the improvement of the health of the city (p357) (10 Nov 1953)

Letter from Cork Fever Hospital and House of Recovery submitting estimate of expenses for year ending 31 Mar 1955 (total £8,558) (p395) (9 Mar 1954)

Report of General Purposes Committee including discussion with Garda Inspector McGann re. enforcement of street trading bye-laws (p494) (23 Nov 1954)

Resolution condemning shooting of Arthur Leonard of County Armagh by B Specials (p538) (8 Mar 1955)

Report of meeting with Co. Cork Committee of Agriculture in 21 June 1955 to consider improving supply of reasonably priced vegetables for Cork City (p593) (28 Jun 1955)

Resolution that the General Purposes Committee will consider the refusal of town planning permission for a metal factory at Marlboro Hill, Douglas (p618) (9 Aug 1955).




13 September 1955 - 10 February 1959

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



620pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 39). With index.


Notice of allocation of £30,000 under Employment and Emergency provisions vote 1955/6 for employment in Cork County Borough (p1) (13 Sep 1955)

Letter from Cork Workers Council re. necessity for a main drainage scheme (p2) (13 Sep 1955)

Report of meeting of finance committee incl. report of City Engineer and City Architect re. preservation of Georgian houses at South Terrace (p68) (14 Feb 1956)

Letter from Dept. Industry and Commerce noting minister will allow CIE to compulsorily acquire properties for the proposed bus station (p116) (12 Jun 1956)

Serious increase in cases of poliomyelitis, request for details on arresting spread of (p139) (24 Jul 1956)

Vote of congratulations on appointment of Jack Lynch as Minister for Education (p242) (26 Mar 1957)

Report of meeting of Coiste na dTithe agus na nGna Cricheanna, incl. report of Ailtire na Cathrach (City Architect) re. policy on standard of accommodation for Corporation houses, e.g. elimination of bedroom fireplaces (p243) (26 Mar 1957)

Resolution to ask the Cork and District Ratepayers Association to state which services should be cut to meet their demand for a rate of 47/ 6d (p246) (26 Mar 1959)

Resolution for provision of up to date airport/airfield for Cork, request to Minister for Industry and Commerce (p283) (14 May 1957)

Dept. of Local Government, possible removal from office of Mr. Tomas MacCurtain unless undertaking is signed (p286) (28 May 1957)

Report of airport sub-committee, correspondence with Minister for airport at Ballygarvan, to commence early 1959, and discussion by Council (p329) (10 Sep 1957)

Letter from the Cork Corporation Tenants Protection and Development Association re. reduction in rent in view of reduced rates (p610) (10 Feb 1959)




26 February 1959 - 31 July 1962


Council Minute Book




620pp plus 50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 40). With index.


Report of Coiste na nGna Cricheanna (General Purposes Committee) of 17 Feb 1959 approved by Council, including 24 new tenancies, report of City Architect re. extension of borough boundary (p4-) (24 Feb 1959) Estimates meeting for year ending 31 Mar 1960. Estimated expenditure of £1,798,000. Noteable increases in health services and housing. Notes deterioration in roads, a paths, bridges and public lighting and that more expenditure on municpal services is essential to maintain the status of the city as 'the Capital of Munster'. (p9-) (10 Mar 1959)

Amended scheme of polling districts and places, 1959 (p102-) (11 Aug 1959)

Raising of funds to rebuild Cork Opera House (p113) (5 Sep 1959)

Discussion and motion re. density of housing in City (p249) (10 May 1960)

Copy of full plan and application made for extension of the Borough Boundary including reports by City Engineer, City Architect and Town Planning Officer, and City Manager Walter MacEvilly (p254-) (24 May 1960)

Commission on Itinerants, correspondence and reports of officers re. and resolutions of Council (p312) (13 Sep 1960)

Registration of stalls in Grand Parade and Princes Street markets under food hygiene regulations, need for water, drainage and other works (p390) ( 28 Feb 1961)

Complaint from Comhairleoir Leahy concerning taking of minutes of meetings (p485) (10 Oct 1961)

Erection of new Parnell Bridge (p508) (28 Nov 1961)

Proposed improvements at Patrick's Street, estimates; Coiste an Airgeadais/Finance Committee (p530) (12 Feb 1962)

Request for permission to use Cork Coat of Arms, by Moores Hotel, refused (p537) (12 Feb 1962)

Fluoridation of water supply, motion concerning (p571) (24 Apr 1962)

Election of Sean Casey TD as Lord Mayor (Statutory Quarterly Meeting) (p603) (26 Jun 1962)




13 August 1962 - 14 December 1965

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



630pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content:

Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 41). With index. (From Nov. 1963, the minutes are mainly typescript).


Special meeting to confer Freedom of City on Michael Cardinal Browne O.P. (p1) (13 Aug 1962)

Discussion of proposed closure of Youghal railway line (p12) (28 Aug 1962)

Cheap fuel scheme for necessitous families, arrangements for 1962-63 (p16) (11 Sep 1962)

General Purposes Committee, financing of Corporation housing programme for 1963-4, loan of £750,000 to be borrowed (p114) (23 Apr 1963)

Resolution to confer Freedom of City on President John F. Kennedy (p139) (11 Jun 1963)

Special meeting to confer Freedom of City on President John F. Kennedy ' token of our pride that this descendant of Irish emigrants should have been elected to such an exalted office...'. (p143) (28 Jun 1963)

Letter of appreciation from US Ambassador H. McCloskey concerning Pres. Kennedy's civic reception in Cork (p163) (23 Jul 1963)

Cork Public Museum, consultative committee members, and proposal for full time curator (Coiste na dTithe/ House Committee) (p356) (9 Jun 1964)

Unveiling of busts at City Hall of Lord Mayors Tomas MacCurtain and Terence MacSwiney and plaque with profile of John F.Kennedy, by Seamus Murphy RHA. (Coiste na Gna Chricheanna/ General Purposes Committee) (p362) (23 Jun 1964)

Glen/Assumption Road Compulsory Purchase Order for sites for 600 dwellings, 'employing new building materials and techniques' (p436) (24 Nov 1964)

Housing needs and programme, gives numbers with immediate needs, building in progress and schemes in planning, Nov. 1964 (p444) (8 Dec 1964)

Estimates Meeting, year ending 25 Mar 1966 (p494) (30 Mar 1965)

Town planning applications, development of area around Red Abbey (p532) (8 Jun 1965)

Capital requirements 1965/66, incl. working class housing, water supply, main drainage, baths improvements etc. (Finance Committee) (p549) (6 Jul 1965)

Revised traffic arrangements, incl. proposed one-way traffic system (Coiste na nGna Chricheanna/ General Purposes Committee) (p617) (30 Nov 1965)




11 January 1966 – 13 June 1967

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



239pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 42).With index.


Increase in Council membership from 21 to 31, supply of robes, desks and chairs (General Purposes Committee) (p11) (25 Jan 1966)

Manager's Orders, permission to demolish Skiddy's Home granted to North Infirmary (p66) (12 Apr 1966)

Letter from Old IRA Benevolent Association re. talk 'Recollections of 1916', by Leslie Bean de Barra (p67) (26 Apr 1966)

Vote of congratulations to the Cork hurling team for their success in the all-Ireland final 1966 (p122) (13 Sep 1966)

Letter from B&I Steampacket Co. re. car ferry service (p141) (25 Oct 1966)

Vote of congratulations to Jack Lynch TD on his election as Taoiseach (p166) (22 Nov 1966)

Itinerants, motion to provide suitable facilities for (p175) (13 Dec 1966)

Estimates meeting for year ending 31 Mar 1968 (p209) (4 Apr 1967)

Renaming of street in Cork after Terence MacSwiney, mention by Taoiseach Jack Lynch (p219) (25 Apr 1967)

Election of Sean McCarthy as Lord Mayor (p224) (9 May 1967)

Tributes to outgoing Council by City Manager and Lord Mayor (p239) (13 Jun 1967)




8 July 1967 - 17 Dec. 1968

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council meetings (Original No. 43). No index. Including quarterly meetings, monthly meetings, Coiste na dTithe, Coiste an Airgeadais, Coiste na nGná Chricheanna, General Purposes Committee, Whole Council Committee, Housing Committee, Estimates Meeting, Roads, Traffic and Planning Commitee, Sanitary Services Commitee, Special Meetings. Includes:

Election of Pearse Wyse TD as Lord Mayor (8 Jul 1967, p.2)

Appointment of 12 council members to the Cork Health Authority (18 Jul 1967, p.4)

Report of Deputy City Manager and Town Clerk on housing progress including Green Lane and Ardmanning Beg (15 Aug 1967, p32)

Resolution sending 'respectful felicitations' to Pope Paul VI on the occasion of his 70th birthday (26 Sep 1967, p.57)

Deputation from Churchfield Development Association relating to itinerants (26 Sep 1967, p.64)

Discussion of Manager's Orders of the past month (12 Dec 1967, p140)

National Building Agency housing project, building of 1800 homes in Togher, The Glen, Assumption Rd. and Mayfield. (5 Mar 1968, p.250)

Rearrangement of Council Committees into 4 committees (housing, sanitary services, finance and general purposes, and roads, traffic and planning) each to meet monthly, plus 1 full council meeting. Report of City Manager approved (19 Mar 1968, p.258). Report of Finance and General Purposes Committee on the establishment of additional staff posts including a chief assistant City Engineer, town planning officer and building inspector (23 Jul 1968, p332)

Town planning applications, report of City Manager (6 Aug 1968)

Resolution urging Government to make representations to Nigerian Government for a cease-fire in Biafra and access for relief supplies (27 Aug 1968, p382)

Motion condemning brutality by police during civil rights protest in Derry, and demand for public enquiry into electoral gerrymandering in the Derry City area (8 Oct 1968, p.431)

Discussion of proposals in draft development plan for future use of the College Athletic Grounds at the Mardyke (1 Oct 1968, p433)




14 Jan. 1969 - 23 Dec. 1969

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 44). No index. Minutes of full council, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, special meetings. Includes:

Site for Ballinlough Community Centre (Sanitary Serv. Committee, 17 Dec 1968)

Objection to proposals in Cork Traffic Study by Castle Street traders (Committee of Whole Corporation, 31 Jan 1969)

Letter from Aloys Fleischmann, Director, Cork International Choral and Folk Dance Festival (22 Apr 1969)

Town Planning Applications, note concerning report of City Manager (Roads, Traffic and Planning Committee, 6 May 1969)

Proposed Housing Scheme at Knocknaheeny (Housing Committee, 6 May 1969)

Proposed swimming pool at Tory Top Road, report of City Architect and Town Planning Officer (Sanitary Services Committee, 20 May 1969)

Northern Ireland Relief Fund, establishment of (Special Meeting, 19 Aug 1969)

Cork and Kerry Regional Development Organisation, establishment of (16 Sept 1969)

Sub-Committee for the Sale of Corporation Houses and Review of Rents (Nov. 1969)




13 Jan. 1970 - 22 June 1971

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 45). No index. Minutes of full council, quarterly meetings, traffic plan steering committee, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, special meetings. Includes:

Strike of Cement Workers and effect on housing schemes (Housing Committee, 3 Feb 1970)

Tomas MacCurtain Commemoration (24 Feb 1970)

Smog and Pollution, incidence of in City (Sanitary Services Commitee, 17 Feb 1970)

Estimates Meeting (24 Mar 1970)

Visit of Apollo 13 Astronauts (6 Oct 1970)

Press statement by Cork City Tenants Association (Housing Commitee, 1 Dec 1970)

Fixing of Municipal Rate of £6.85 in the Pound for Year Ending 31 Mar 1972 (Special Meeting, 8 June 1971)

Resolution concerning redundancies at Cork Spinning Company, Blackpool (22 June 1971)




13 July 1971 - 10 April 1973

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 46). No index. Minutes of quartery meeting, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, special meetings. Includes:

Election of TJ O'Sullivan as Lord Mayor (13 Jul 1971)

Revocation of Planning Permission for industrial development, North Mall (Roads, Traffic and Planning Committee, 6 Jul 1971)

Adjourned meeting as mark of respect to those killed in Northern Ireland (10 Aug 1971)

Establishment of Local Committees under the Health Act 1970 (24 Aug 1971)

Report of Joint Meeting of Cork County Borough Council and Cork County Council (20 Nov 1971)




24 April 1973 - 4 June 1974

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 47). No index. Minutes of full council, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, estimates meetings, special meetings. Includes:

Grant of £700 to Cork Archives Council (Finance and general purposes committee, 16 Apr 1973)

Lord Mayor to attend meeting of Association of Municipal Authorities executive committee (14 May 1973)

Report of Committee to consider draft Bye Laws and Standing Orders for the regulation of business of the Council and of Committees (25 June 1973)

Bye Laws & etc, as above, as enacted by Council, 12pp (13 Aug 1973)

Council deputation to meet Minister for Local Government to discuss city and county local government structure, boundary extension, traffic management, pedestrianisation (Committee of the Whole Council, 3 Sep 1973)

Guidelines for Open Spaces, recommendations (Roads, Traffic and Planning, 5 Nov 1973)

Pollution of the Atlantic Pond, meeting with D.Moynihan of Messrs. Henry Ford and Sons (Sanitary Services Committee, 19 Nov 1973)

Special Meeting to confer Freedom of the City on Cardinal Timothy Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles, including text of speeches by Lord Mayor Patrick Kerrigan and by Cardinal Manning (4 Dec 1973)

Proposals from CIE to improve public transport in Cork (Committee of Whole Council, 8 Jan 1974)

Local Government Reorganisation, draft letter to Minister re. joint committee with Cork County Council (Committee of Whole Council, 4 Mar 1974)

Scheme for Library Extension and Branch Library (Finance and General Purposes Committee, 19 Mar 1974)

Itinerant Sub-Committee, approval of report from (Sanitary Services Commitee, 20 May 1974)

Disposal of 108 houses under Corporation Tenant Purchase Scheme (Housing Committee, 4 June 1974)




28 June 1974 - 20 Oct. 1975

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 48). No index. Minutes of full council, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, estimates meetings, special meetings.


Election of Lord Mayor Pearse Wyse and retirement of City Manager Clayton (Statutory Quarterly Meeting, 28 June 1974)

Appointment of 5 councillors to Southern Health Board (1 Jul 1974)

Appointment of councillors and others to various local committees including City of Cork Vocational Eductional Committee, Southern Health Board local committee, Cork Harbour Commissioners, South West Regional Development Organisation, Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland, Ivernia Southern Regional Tourism Association, Cork Economic Development Council, Cork Opera House, Community Associations Trustees, Cork Public Museum, Cork National Monument Committee, Cork Public Library Committee, School Meals Committee, Erinville Hospital, Old Age Pension Committee, plus the Council's internal standing committees and Estimates Committees, also itinerants sub- committee, recreational and sports committee, Borough Boundary extension sub-committee (8 Jul and 22 Jul 1974) Notice of Letter from Local Appointments Commission recommending Mr. Thomas J.McHugh, of Clonmel Co. Tipperary, for appointment as City Manager and Town Clerk from 9 Sep 1974, and approval by Council (22 Jul 1974)

Anti-Litter Campaign (Sanitary Services Committee, 21 Oct 1974)

Resolution on 'Housing Shortage' in Cork, meeting of officials, housing committee, master builders and building workers group, proposed (11 Nov 1974)

Proposed acquisition of the Fota Island estate (Special Meeting, 25 Nov 1974)

Multi-Channel television, provision of (Finance and General Purposes Committee, 20 Jan 1975)

Tragic death of Fireman R.Beecher (Committee of Whole Council, 17 Feb 1975)

Cork Coat of Arms, refusal for use on ship being built in Verolme (Finance and General Purposes Comm. 19 May 1975)

Direct Labour Housing estimate for Knocknaheeny 3A and 4A (Housing Committee, 7 Jul 1975)

Reports of delegations to Scotland concerning off-shore oil and gas and Vienna for the Congress of European Municipalities (25 Aug 1975)




10 Nov. 1975 - 13 June 1977

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 49). No index. Minutes of full council meetings, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, estimates meetings, special meetings, and from Oct. 1976 the Environmental Committee, Finance and Planning Committee, and Roads Transportation and Safety Committee.


Resolution for report by Law Agent concerning applicability of certain powers vested in members of local authorities under 'Section 27 of County Management Act 1940' to members of Cork City Council (24 Nov 1975)

Advice to Joint City and County Committee concerning Fire fighting services from City and County Managers (26 Sep 1975)

Grant to Cork Film International (26 Mar 1976)

Proposed Land Use and Transportation Study for Cork Area (City and County Joint Committee, April 1976)

Re-organisation of Council Committees as recommended by City Manager; into Housing, Environmental, Finance and Planning, and Roads Transportation and Safety. (27 Sep / 11 Oct 1976)

Arts Sub-Committe, Recommendations on applications for grants under the Arts Act 1973 to 8 organisations including Cork Ballet Company, Barrack Street Band and Everyman Playhouse (5 Oct 1976)

Managers Orders- refusal of permission for drive-ins [private parking] at 2 premises on Glasheen Road and possible appeal to the Minister (29 Nov 1976)

Proposed Seamus Murphy Memorial at Fitzgeralds Park (Finance and Planning Comm. 18 Nov 1976)

Pedestrianisation of streets off Oliver Plunkett Street (13 Dec 1976)

Making of Municipal Rate of £9.07 in the pound for year ending 31 Dec 1977 (Special Meeting, 21 Feb 1977)

Proposed Road Network , Bishopstown area (Roads, Transportation and Safety Committee, 22 Feb 1977)

Disposal of plots of ground at Tramore, Hollymount and The Glen industrial estates, and also at Cove Street and The Lough with licence to build, payment of £14,000 fine per acre and a lease for 99 years at annual rent of £20. (Finance Committee, 21 Feb 1977)

Visit to various sites of Corporation works by Committee members (Whole Council Committee, 31 May 1977)




27 June 1977 - 21 May 1979


Council Minute Book

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