Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Special meeting, resolution re. proposed Cork Improvement Bill (p.502) (16 Mar 1917)

Unanimous adoption of resolution from the Irish National Aid and Volunteer Society re. harsh treatment of Sinn Fein prisioners in Cork Military Detention Barracks (p.578) (21 Sep 1917)

Deputation of clergy to urge additional sixpence per head per week in aid of maintenance of Cork children committed to industrial schools (p.621) (11 Jan 1918)

(Note: next item, number 11 in the series/original No.30, covering period Nov 1906 – Nov 1912, is missing).




15 March 1918 - 4 November 1920

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



463pp plus c.20pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No.32). With index.


Resolutions suggested by Alderman Meade calling on the USA to condemn 'English militarist tyranny' (p82) (27 Sep 1918)

Public Health Committee, report of Medical Officer on sanitary condition of elementary schools (p377) (23 Apr 1920)

Resolution of notice to Dail Eireann following death of Tomás Mac Curtain requesting 'united diplomatic action'. (p380) (7 May 1920)

Tolls and Markets committee, collision of military lorry with toll house, St.Luke's Cross (p412) (2 Jul 1920)

Allotments Committee, regulations (p14) (12 Apr 1918)

Allegiance of Corporation to Dail Eireann (pp332, 405) (30 Jan, 25 Jun, 1920)

Corporation Baths, alloting a day for ladies (pp42) (14 Jun 1920)

Child Welfare League, deputation to adopt scheme (p5) (22 Mar 1918)

Motion protesting against Conscription, by Alderman Meade (p12) (12 Apr 1918)

Strike at Dobbin Ogilvies, ITGWU letter (p189) (18 Apr 1919))

Gaelic League, Cork Branch, application for loan of platform for use at Dublin Hill (pp54) (12 Jul 1918)

Irish Women's Franchise League, adoption of resolution from, re. imprisonment of Irishwomen including Maude Gonne MacBride, Countess Markievicz and Mrs. T. Clarke (p82) (27 Sep 1918)

'Lord Mayor's Serjeants' given increase of 10 shillings per week (p105) (15 Nov 1918)

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