Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Chief Secretary Wyndham's visit, Lord Mayor’s action on receiving him (p157) (12 Sep 1902)




13 December 1912 - 8 March 1918

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Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings. (Original No.31) No index.


Proposal for public abbatoir in City from deputation of County Committee of Agriculture, farmers, cattle dealers, and others (p.1) (13 Dec 1912)

Appointment of WJ Dunlea Esq LLD, Solicitor, as deputy president of the Court of Conscience (p.11) (14 Feb 1913)

Ward nominations to committees such as Public Works, Public Health, Library etc. (pp21 - 28) (14 Feb 1913)

Motion of sympathy on death of Patrick Forde of New York, 'steadfast friend of the Irish' in the USA (p97) (26 Sep 1913)

Notice of result of 1914 County Borough elections, giving name, address, and number of votes for each candidate (pp.123 - 125) (19 Jan 1914)

Invitation from Lady Aberdeen for attendance at opening of Civic Exhibition in Dublin (p.180) (26 Jun 1914)

Motion protesting at continuance of Arms Proclamation in Ireland (p.180) (26 Jun 1914)

Striking of Rates of Year Ending 31 March 1915 (p.184) (22 May 1914)

Consideration of tenders for annual supplies (p.235) (22 Jan 1915)

Letter from H.P. Donegan, Captain, Irish National Volunteers, re. concession of working hours for members guarding bridges (p.236) (22 Jan 1915)

Appointment of Liam De Roiste and Saoirse Mac Niocaill of the Gaelic League to the Technical Instruction Committee (p.248) (26 Feb 1915)

Flooding of Tivoli and Lower Mayfield, action by City Engineer and City Solicitor (p.328) (26 Nov 1915)

Lord Mayor's resolution re. government action as a result of the 1916 Rising (p.386) (12 May 1916)

Proposed munitions factory at St. Peters Market (p.389) (26 May 1916)

Cork Consumers League, resolutions passed to special meeting of Law and Finance Committee re. diminishing the hardship of the working poor, etc. (p.437) (27 Oct 1916)

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