Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List


661pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings. (Original No.29) with index. (Previous items, nos. 2 - 9 are missing)


Association of Municipal Corporations, requesting opinion of Corporation on proposed Education Bill (p114) (9 May 1902)

Butter Market Trustees Cork, Election of Trustees for 1902 (p103) (11 Apr 1902)

Corn Market Committee, members of Council (p69) (23 Jan 1902)

Carnegie Free Library, Mr. Carnegie’s intention to advance £10,000 (pp139, 145) (8, 22 Aug 1902)

Deputation from Cork International Exhibition calling on Railway Companies to give greater facilities and greater travelling rates in connection with Exhibition, (p131) (27 Jun 1902)

Fizgerald, Sir Edward, Bart. Elected Lord Mayor of Cork (p67) (23 Jan 1902))

Hackney Carriage Committee, suggesting adoption by Council re.Tram Car Bye-Laws (p21) (27 Sep 1901)

Irish Trades Union Congress, enclosing resolutions (pp125-126) (6 Jun 1902)

Local Government Board, letter from sanctioning £5,000 for a Town Hall (pp8,14) (23 Aug; 14 Sep 1901)

Moran, Cardinal, Archbishop of Sydney, Freedom of City conferred (pp147, 149) (Aug 1902)

Notices of Motion: such as: Three incandescent electric lamps in Georges Street (Councillor Scully) (p27) (11 Oct 1901) Address to John Redmond, M.P., and P.A. McHugh, M.P., and Thomas O’Donnell, M.P. prior to their departure for America (Councillor Lane) (p28) (11 Oct 1901)

Also includes:

Freedom of City on John E. Redmond (Leader of Irish Parliamentary Party), (pp 53, 55 etc.) (Dec. 1901)

Young Ireland Society erecting monument (Cllr. Myles) (pp138, 144) (Jul - Aug 1902)

Public Works Committee. Re. erection of additional 498 gas lamps throughout City (p37) (8 Nov 1901)

£5 paid to Gaelic League re. naming principal streets in Irish, (p122) (30 May 1902)

Rates, Striking of, for year ending 31 March, 1904, (pp 121, 122) (30 May 1902)

South Centre Ward, Election of Sir. A. Sutton (p85) (21 Feb 1902)

Urban Council, Skibbereen approving of proposed connection between Great Southern & Western Railway and Cork & Bandon & Passage Railway re. bridge across River Lee (p49) (6 Dec 1902)

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