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Brian McGee, Archivist CCCA 29 Aug 2019




21 October 1710 - 28 September 1732

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Cork Corporation Council Minutes




Scope and Content: Council Book of the Corporation of Cork. Records the orders/resolutions of Assemblies of the Mayor, Sheriffs and Common Council of the City of Cork.


'The persons appointed to oversee the building of the new South stone bridge reported that they were upon agreement with Thomas Chatterton, Mason and John Coltsman, Stone Cutter to build the same...for three hundred pounds...' (18 Jan 1713, p21)

'Ordered that the Mayors Sallery for the ensueing yeare bee two hundred pounds ster.' (3 Aug 1713, p.16)

'Ordered that Jonas Johnson the son of William Johnson deceased aged eight years be admitted into St.Stephen Hospitall as one of the Poore Boys thereof being presented by Mr. Thomas Walker a Member of this Councill of which the Schoolmaster of the said Hospital is to take notice'. (5 Nov 1715, p36)

'Ordered that the Castle of Blackrock by repaired by the Corporation...(2 Jan 1723, p97)

'Ordered that Ald. Terry, Mr. Broklesby and Mr. Floulks, be the three persons of the Councill to join with the Four Commons to examine and audit the Chamberlains Accounts.' (27 May 1723, p108)

'Ordered that My Ld Chiefe Justice Windham and Mr. Prince [Serjant] Bernard the late lord Justices of Assize be admitted freeman at large of the City and that their ffreedoms be presented to them in Silver boxes [which] are to be supplied by Mr. James ffoucault and that the Chamberlain doe pay the said James Foucault two guineas for the said boxes' (12 April 1725, p172) List of names of the Mayors and Sheriffs appearing in the volume, 1710-1732 (p.1) Most of the meetings from October 1723 onwards contain the signatures of those attending. The names are mainly English in origin, but also include some names possibly of Huguenot origin such as Foucault, Lavitt, Delahoide, Huleath and Perdriau.




26 July 1901 - 12 October 1906

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Council Minute Book


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