Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Re-election of Alderman Sean MacCarthy as Lord Mayor (1st Quarterly Meeting) (p483) (30 Sep 1950)

Report of Committee of Whole Corporation 5 Jun 1951, including City Medical Officer's report on unfit houses, number of families requiring rehousing, etc. (pp613-616) (12 Jun 1951)




10 July 1951 - 23 August 1955

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



623pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 38). With index.


Letter from Vatican acknowledging Council's vote of sympathy on death of Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Felici (p2) (10 Jul 1951)

Report of meeting of General Purposes Committee 19 Jun 1951, including discussion of a licenced airfield at Farmers Cross, and the introduction of scheduled air services (p3) (10 Jul 1951)

National Mass Radiography Association, visit to Cork's 'bigger factories' (p22) (28 Aug 1951)

Adjourned rates meeting, fixing of rate at 33 shillings for year ending 31 Mar 1953 (p119-122) (25 Mar 1952)

School Attendance Committee noting shortage of school places in Ballyphehane and decrease in numbers attending central city schools (p146) (10 Jun 1952)

Consideration of orders made by the City Manager and Town Clerk between 20 May and 3 June 1952 (p150) (10 Jun 1952)

Special Meeting on death of Bishop of Cork Daniel Coholan (p178) (25 Aug 1952)

Report of Housing Committee, 7 Jul 1953 (p312) (13 Jul 1953)

Vote of congratulations to city medical officer and staff on the improvement of the health of the city (p357) (10 Nov 1953)

Letter from Cork Fever Hospital and House of Recovery submitting estimate of expenses for year ending 31 Mar 1955 (total £8,558) (p395) (9 Mar 1954)

Report of General Purposes Committee including discussion with Garda Inspector McGann re. enforcement of street trading bye-laws (p494) (23 Nov 1954)

Resolution condemning shooting of Arthur Leonard of County Armagh by B Specials (p538) (8 Mar 1955)

Report of meeting with Co. Cork Committee of Agriculture in 21 June 1955 to consider improving supply of reasonably priced vegetables for Cork City (p593) (28 Jun 1955)

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