Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Resolution that the General Purposes Committee will consider the refusal of town planning permission for a metal factory at Marlboro Hill, Douglas (p618) (9 Aug 1955).




13 September 1955 - 10 February 1959

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Council Minute Book



620pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 39). With index.


Notice of allocation of £30,000 under Employment and Emergency provisions vote 1955/6 for employment in Cork County Borough (p1) (13 Sep 1955)

Letter from Cork Workers Council re. necessity for a main drainage scheme (p2) (13 Sep 1955)

Report of meeting of finance committee incl. report of City Engineer and City Architect re. preservation of Georgian houses at South Terrace (p68) (14 Feb 1956)

Letter from Dept. Industry and Commerce noting minister will allow CIE to compulsorily acquire properties for the proposed bus station (p116) (12 Jun 1956)

Serious increase in cases of poliomyelitis, request for details on arresting spread of (p139) (24 Jul 1956)

Vote of congratulations on appointment of Jack Lynch as Minister for Education (p242) (26 Mar 1957)

Report of meeting of Coiste na dTithe agus na nGna Cricheanna, incl. report of Ailtire na Cathrach (City Architect) re. policy on standard of accommodation for Corporation houses, e.g. elimination of bedroom fireplaces (p243) (26 Mar 1957)

Resolution to ask the Cork and District Ratepayers Association to state which services should be cut to meet their demand for a rate of 47/ 6d (p246) (26 Mar 1959)

Resolution for provision of up to date airport/airfield for Cork, request to Minister for Industry and Commerce (p283) (14 May 1957)

Dept. of Local Government, possible removal from office of Mr. Tomas MacCurtain unless undertaking is signed (p286) (28 May 1957)

Report of airport sub-committee, correspondence with Minister for airport at Ballygarvan, to commence early 1959, and discussion by Council (p329) (10 Sep 1957)

Letter from the Cork Corporation Tenants Protection and Development Association re. reduction in rent in view of reduced rates (p610) (10 Feb 1959)




26 February 1959 - 31 July 1962


Council Minute Book

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