Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Great Southern Railways, request for queue system at Grand Parade terminus (p346) (28 Jul 1942)

City Manager to borrow £300,000 for Slum Clearance (pp 59, 64) (25 Jul, 23 Aug 1938)

Vote of sympathy on treatment of German Jews (pp96, 102) (22 Nov, 13 Dec 1938)

Lee Fields fencing to 'prevent camping by Gypsies' (itinerants) (p311) (25 Nov 1941)

Town planning report, agreement with Manning Robertson (p218) (23 Apr 1940)

City Manager's report on Turf production (p.290) (10 Jun 1941)

Removal of statue of Queen Victoria (p.418) (28 Sep 1943)

Working hours and wages of Watchmen, (p.530) (24 Apr 1945)




26 February 1946 - 26 June 1951

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



620pp plus c.50pp index

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 37). With index.


Letter from Dept. of Agriculture re. public warning of world shortage of essential foodstuffs, and importance of allotments (p4) (12 Mar 1946)

Definition of proposed Cork County Borough planning district, including portions of Co. Cork Health district. (Under Town and Regional Planning Act 1934) (p14) (9 Apr 1946)

Adoption of Section 92 of the Public Health Acts and drafting of bye laws to regulate bathing in sections of the River Lee (p137) (12 Aug 1947)

Letter from Irish Tourist Association requesting erection of direction posts indicating main routes (p143) (9 Sep 1947)

Recommendations of Town Planning Committee (such as, reconstruction of 43-44 Patrick's Street, erection of weirs above Parliament and North Gate Bridges, conversion of 1 Camden Place into a school) (pp213-4) (25 May 1948)

Report of City Engineer re. flooding at Blackpool (p281) (14 Dec 1948)

Adoption of bye laws with respect to the sale of meat under Public Heath Act 1911 (p345) (23 Aug 1949)

Proposed new hospital at Gurraneabraher (Orthapedic) (pp413-4) (28 Feb 1950)

Bye laws 'for the good rule and government of the City of Cork', under Section 125 of the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act 1840, re. playing of musical or noisy instruments, keeping of noisy animals, etc (pp474-5) (22 Aug 1950)

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