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Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 50). No index. Minutes of full council meetings, committee of whole Council, estimates meetings, special meetings, environmental committee, finance committee, planning committee, and the roads, transportation and safety committee, markets sub-committee, joint Corporation and County Council committee.


Election of Lord Mayor Gerald Goldberg (Statutory Quarterly Meeting, 27 Jun 1977)

Refurbishment etc. of English Market (report of Markets sub-committee, 6 Jul 1977)

Draft Development Plan, consideration of (Whole Council Committee, 29 Aug 1977)

Five Year Housing Programme (Housing Committee, 3 Oct 1977)

Estimates Meetings, for all 8 programme groups (19 Dec 1977 - 5 Jan 1978)

Allocation of Tenancies, first consideration to transfer applicants living in flats for 2 or more years or who are otherwise unsuitably accommodated in Corporation dwellings (Housing Committee, 9 Jan 1978)

Community development sub-committee, membership of (30 Jan 1978)

Taking in charge of estates, Ardnari estate etc (Planning Committee, 25 Jan 1978)

Co-ordinated traffic system, phase 1 of in operation (Roads, Transportation and Safety Comm. 6 Feb 1978)

Visit to USA by Lord Mayor, trade promotion mission (27 Feb 1978)

Industrial Development Authority, strategy for job creation in greater Cork area, (Planning Comm. 20 Mar 1978)

Tenders for side development at Ringmahon North, opened and referred to City Manager (24 Apr 1978)

Award of freedom of the city to Prof. Aloys Fleischmann, address of Lord Mayor, and acceptance speech by Fleischmann, 9pp (20 Apr 1978)

Good wishes and civic invitation to writer Sean O'Faolain (22 May 1978)

Report from City Librarian, Sean Bohan concerning set up of Music Library (14 Jul 1978)

Revised draft of the 1979 Development Plan, discussion of (Special Meeting, 20 Dec 1978)

Adoption of 1979 Development Plan by Council (Special Meeting, 21 May 1979)




28 May 1979 - 19 Dec 1980


Council Minute Book

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