Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 49). No index. Minutes of full council meetings, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, estimates meetings, special meetings, and from Oct. 1976 the Environmental Committee, Finance and Planning Committee, and Roads Transportation and Safety Committee.


Resolution for report by Law Agent concerning applicability of certain powers vested in members of local authorities under 'Section 27 of County Management Act 1940' to members of Cork City Council (24 Nov 1975)

Advice to Joint City and County Committee concerning Fire fighting services from City and County Managers (26 Sep 1975)

Grant to Cork Film International (26 Mar 1976)

Proposed Land Use and Transportation Study for Cork Area (City and County Joint Committee, April 1976)

Re-organisation of Council Committees as recommended by City Manager; into Housing, Environmental, Finance and Planning, and Roads Transportation and Safety. (27 Sep / 11 Oct 1976)

Arts Sub-Committe, Recommendations on applications for grants under the Arts Act 1973 to 8 organisations including Cork Ballet Company, Barrack Street Band and Everyman Playhouse (5 Oct 1976)

Managers Orders- refusal of permission for drive-ins [private parking] at 2 premises on Glasheen Road and possible appeal to the Minister (29 Nov 1976)

Proposed Seamus Murphy Memorial at Fitzgeralds Park (Finance and Planning Comm. 18 Nov 1976)

Pedestrianisation of streets off Oliver Plunkett Street (13 Dec 1976)

Making of Municipal Rate of £9.07 in the pound for year ending 31 Dec 1977 (Special Meeting, 21 Feb 1977)

Proposed Road Network , Bishopstown area (Roads, Transportation and Safety Committee, 22 Feb 1977)

Disposal of plots of ground at Tramore, Hollymount and The Glen industrial estates, and also at Cove Street and The Lough with licence to build, payment of £14,000 fine per acre and a lease for 99 years at annual rent of £20. (Finance Committee, 21 Feb 1977)

Visit to various sites of Corporation works by Committee members (Whole Council Committee, 31 May 1977)




27 June 1977 - 21 May 1979


Council Minute Book

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