Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Last Council meeting prior to dissolution (p171) (24 Oct 1924)

First meeting of Commissioner Monahan (p179) (21 Nov 1924)

Appointment of SW Farrington of Lisburn as City Engineer subject to departmental approval (p181) (21 Nov 1924)

Proposal for compulsory Irish for clerical appointments (p187) (5 Dec 1924)

Consideration of tenders for erection of municipal buildings (p188) (5 Dec 1924)

Collectors closing returns for Rates made 12 Jun 1925 (p292) (25 Nov 1925)

Thanks to MJ Daly of Shanakiel for providing half the cost of a suspension bridge over the Lee (Daly's Bridge) (p375) (10 Sep 1926)

Scheme for amalgamation of health districts in Cork (1924), change of title to boards of public assistance. (p408) (19 Jan 1927)

Appointment of 4 members of the Harbour Board (p421) (11 Mar 1927)

List of tenants at new houses, Capwell Road. (p516) (24 Feb 1928)

Creation of Cork Corporation 1928 Redeemable Stock, to amount of £106,000 for working class housing, Patrick Street sewerage, and bridge at Carrolls Quay/Camden Quay (p557) (8 Jun 1928)

Minutes for Law and Finance committee 10 Jan 1929 (p620) (25 Jan 1929)

Last meeting of the Commissioner (p637) (15 Mar 1929)

First meeting of the reestablished Council including election of Sean French as Lord Mayor (p638) (27 Mar 1929)

Decisions of City Hall Committee concerning building of new city hall (p651) (23 Apr 1929)

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25 June 1929 - 26 October 1937

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 35). No index.


Membership and conference of Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland (p1-2) (25 Jun 1929)

Sub-Committee re. Traffic Problem, recommending special stopping places for buses (p4) (25 Jun 1929)

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