Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

finance committee, planning committee, and the roads, transportation and safety committee, markets sub-committee, joint Corporation and County Council committee etc.


Support for Year of the Disabled (5 Jan 1981)

Redevelopment proposals for Merchants Quay (Special Meeting of Planning Committee, 14 Jan 1981)

Vote of sympathy to relatives of Stardust Fire victims, Dublin (Special Meeting, 17 Feb 1981)

Disposal of Land at Douglas Hall Lawn (23 Feb 1981)

Procedures and Order of business of Council and Committees, proposed changes, such as, not listing Managers Orders on the Council Agenda (Whole Council Committee, 30 Mar 1981)

Bye-laws for the Marina, submission to Minister for the Environment (Roads, Transportation and Safety Committee, 6 Apr 1981)

Allocation of grants to community associations (Community Development Committee, 13 May 1981)

Visit of Mayor of Kansas City (14 Sep 1981)

Review of Local Government Finance, discussion of report by City Manager (Special Meeting, 3 Sep 1981)

Cork Regional Sports Complex, report (Joint Corporation and County Council Committee, 24 Sep 1981)

Line of the Southern Ring Road, proposed route (Planning Committee, 15 Feb 1982)

Monthly report on road works programme (Roads, Transportation and Safety Committee, 8 Jun 1982)




12 July 1982 - 28 May 1984

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 53). No index. With c.6pp enclosure. Minutes of full Council meetings, committee of whole Council, estimates meetings, special meetings, environmental committee, finance committee, planning committee, and the roads, transportation and safety committee.


Filling of vacancy caused by the resignation of Comhairleoir T. Tynan, John Kelleher of Workers Party elected by Council and given appointments to committees/bodies including Housing, Environmental, Cork Public Museum, Cork Archives Council (13 Sep 1982)

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