Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Deputation from Churchfield Development Association relating to itinerants (26 Sep 1967, p.64)

Discussion of Manager's Orders of the past month (12 Dec 1967, p140)

National Building Agency housing project, building of 1800 homes in Togher, The Glen, Assumption Rd. and Mayfield. (5 Mar 1968, p.250)

Rearrangement of Council Committees into 4 committees (housing, sanitary services, finance and general purposes, and roads, traffic and planning) each to meet monthly, plus 1 full council meeting. Report of City Manager approved (19 Mar 1968, p.258). Report of Finance and General Purposes Committee on the establishment of additional staff posts including a chief assistant City Engineer, town planning officer and building inspector (23 Jul 1968, p332)

Town planning applications, report of City Manager (6 Aug 1968)

Resolution urging Government to make representations to Nigerian Government for a cease-fire in Biafra and access for relief supplies (27 Aug 1968, p382)

Motion condemning brutality by police during civil rights protest in Derry, and demand for public enquiry into electoral gerrymandering in the Derry City area (8 Oct 1968, p.431)

Discussion of proposals in draft development plan for future use of the College Athletic Grounds at the Mardyke (1 Oct 1968, p433)




14 Jan. 1969 - 23 Dec. 1969

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book




Scope and Content: Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 44). No index. Minutes of full council, committee of whole corporation, finance and general purposes committee, sanitary services committee, roads, traffic and planning committee, housing committee, special meetings. Includes:

Site for Ballinlough Community Centre (Sanitary Serv. Committee, 17 Dec 1968)

Objection to proposals in Cork Traffic Study by Castle Street traders (Committee of Whole Corporation, 31 Jan 1969)

Letter from Aloys Fleischmann, Director, Cork International Choral and Folk Dance Festival (22 Apr 1969)

Town Planning Applications, note concerning report of City Manager (Roads, Traffic and Planning Committee, 6 May 1969)

Proposed Housing Scheme at Knocknaheeny (Housing Committee, 6 May 1969)

Proposed swimming pool at Tory Top Road, report of City Architect and Town Planning Officer (Sanitary Services Committee, 20 May 1969)

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