Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 41). With index. (From Nov. 1963, the minutes are mainly typescript).


Special meeting to confer Freedom of City on Michael Cardinal Browne O.P. (p1) (13 Aug 1962)

Discussion of proposed closure of Youghal railway line (p12) (28 Aug 1962)

Cheap fuel scheme for necessitous families, arrangements for 1962-63 (p16) (11 Sep 1962)

General Purposes Committee, financing of Corporation housing programme for 1963-4, loan of £750,000 to be borrowed (p114) (23 Apr 1963)

Resolution to confer Freedom of City on President John F. Kennedy (p139) (11 Jun 1963)

Special meeting to confer Freedom of City on President John F. Kennedy ' token of our pride that this descendant of Irish emigrants should have been elected to such an exalted office...'. (p143) (28 Jun 1963)

Letter of appreciation from US Ambassador H. McCloskey concerning Pres. Kennedy's civic reception in Cork (p163) (23 Jul 1963)

Cork Public Museum, consultative committee members, and proposal for full time curator (Coiste na dTithe/ House Committee) (p356) (9 Jun 1964)

Unveiling of busts at City Hall of Lord Mayors Tomas MacCurtain and Terence MacSwiney and plaque with profile of John F.Kennedy, by Seamus Murphy RHA. (Coiste na Gna Chricheanna/ General Purposes Committee) (p362) (23 Jun 1964)

Glen/Assumption Road Compulsory Purchase Order for sites for 600 dwellings, 'employing new building materials and techniques' (p436) (24 Nov 1964)

Housing needs and programme, gives numbers with immediate needs, building in progress and schemes in planning, Nov. 1964 (p444) (8 Dec 1964)

Estimates Meeting, year ending 25 Mar 1966 (p494) (30 Mar 1965)

Town planning applications, development of area around Red Abbey (p532) (8 Jun 1965)

Capital requirements 1965/66, incl. working class housing, water supply, main drainage, baths improvements etc. (Finance Committee) (p549) (6 Jul 1965)

Revised traffic arrangements, incl. proposed one-way traffic system (Coiste na nGna Chricheanna/ General Purposes Committee) (p617) (30 Nov 1965)




11 January 1966 – 13 June 1967

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Council Minute Book



239pp plus c.50pp index

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