Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/2/02 Date: TBC Title: File, rough Notes on Cases Level: file

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/2/04 Date: Undated (1930s) Title: Small file, Notes on Cases Level: file Extent: 7 items Scope and Content: Small file containing notes on a number of cases. Includes the following: 1 . Catherine O’Grady v Great Southern Railway Company and Patrick Dillon. Summary 2 . AG v John Donnellan. Summary 3 . Lawlor v Kenny [pages may not all relate to the same case]

Extent: 11 items

Scope and Content: File consisting of rough notes and draft matter relating to cases, with some related printed matter. Includes the following: 1 . Page from a judgement by Monaghan J in an unspecified matter, relating to security for costs (1p) 2 . Evans v Fleming, summary regarding an appeal concerning security for costs. (4pp) 3 . Maunsell Anyisell v David Skerret, conditions of agreement (notes) (2pp) 4 . O’Reilly and Bray UDC, concerning rates. (14 foolscap pages and three separate note book pages) 5 . Mrs Murphy re No 5 Fownes Street (1p) 6 . Rough notes regarding apprenticeships (4pp) 7 . Rough note regarding security given in Ireland by a resident of Great Britain. 8 . Newscutting, Liability of Hotel-Keepers for Motor Cars of Guests, Irish Times, 30 Aug 1928 9 . Blank form of receipt to be completed on discharge of personal injury claims for a sum of money. 10 . Two publisher’s notice advertising the book Trial of Motor Car Accident Cases by Andrew Dewar Gibb (some ms notes on one copy). 11 . Chicago Bar Record, Vol XVIII, December 1936, No 2 (Mr D Fawsitt BL written in top corner). Reference: PR81/1/6/D/2/03 Date: c1928 - 1935 Title: File, Notes and Drafts on Cases Level: file Extent: c120 items Scope and Content: Large mixed file comprised of notes, draft legal documents and advices, and some related printed matter and correspondence. Includes the following: 1 . Towey v Clarkin, draft ts statement of claim and copy defence, 1931. 2 . Fairways Limited v The Associated Daimler Company, Ltd, printed statement of claim, 13 April 1929. Also present are copies of a defence and counterclaim, and draft affidavit of Thomas Fitzpatrick (2 copies). 3. Ts Opinion on case submitted on behalf of Patrick O’Reilly, County Secretary, Cavan, by George Gavan Duffy, 5 March 1935 4. Kate Egan v William Egan, incomplete originating summons (2 versions), on printed forms. 5 . The Tinode Brick and Tile Company in a matter concerning the Companies (Unconsolidation) Act 1908, draft originating summons summary. 6 . Reinhardt and others v Dublin Corporation, High Court of Justice, ts statement of claim. Also present is an ms draft of claim with ms tabular notes on the plaintiff’s service with the Corporation. 7. William Henry Chambers Bullen, Bankruptcy, statement of John Barry Deane, Bandon, solicitor [January 1928] Much of the remainder of the file consists of rough notes and draft matter relating to various cases. These are generally undated and untitled, although some case names do occur. These have been left unsorted, as no clear order seems to apply to them. These rough notes and drafts may be relevant to cases and matters documented elsewhere in Section 6 of the collection.

4 . Draft opinion [case not named] 5 . Draft summary [case not named] 6 . Ms page (transcript of judgement) 7 . Draft (affidavit) for unnamed claim.

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/3

Date: [c1932 - 1936]

Title: Level:

Documents on Areas of Law

Extent: 5 items (38 items on civil bills)


Scope and Content: Documents and notes on areas of law. Includes the following: 1 . Ts statement on the ‘Backing of Warrants’, regarding warrants issued by UK courts before and after the Anglo-Irish Treaty. [undated] 2 . Ts paper, Income Tax on Foreign Possessions, Case of Major Maher, USA Citizen (initialled D.F. 9 June 1928).

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/4

Date: 1937 - 1938

Title: Level:

Notebook, Index to Cases

Extent: 1 volume


Scope and Content: Notebook, with ms title on fly leaf ‘Index to Cases etc, 1937.-1938.-’. The notebook consists of alphabetised pages, in which are listed cases and legal matters by date, name, and name or initials of solicitors concerned. A red line is drawn through closed matters, which are marked paid. The notebook is a standard hard bound volume with the words ‘Where Is It?’ printed on the cover [The ‘Commercial’ Where Is It? No 1653, Society Stationery]



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