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PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

PR81/1/6/D Legal Documents and Papers (1924 - 1942)

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/2/01 Date: 1926 - 1936 Title: Legal Documents and Notes on Cases Level: file Extent: 17 items Scope and Content: Legal documents, including drafts, and supporting notes and correspondence, relating to cases. Includes the following: (i) Censorship of Publications Bill 1928, draft amendments for Vigilance Committee, Dáil Eireann, by Fawsitt. Present is a letter from Fawsitt to Lynch and Deering, solicitors (17 November 1928), letter from same to same with two copies of proposed amendments (19 November 1928), draft letter from Fawsitt to Mr Deering (23 April 1929). (ii) Estate of Patrick Maher, Drumdeel, deceased, Fethard, Co Tipperary. Correspondence regarding administration of the estate, involving Josephine Kenny, widow, W Kenny, her husband, and John Kennedy, solicitor, Killenaule, Co Tipperary (2 February - 15 April 1929) (iii) In the matter of the State v Michael Donoghue (in the Court of Criminal Appeal). Present are six pieces of correspondence between Fawsitt and T O’Shea, Solicitor, Killarney (5-15 March 1929), rough note [by Fawsitt] marked ‘Mr Rochford’ regarding the matter, and a further note ‘Grounds of Appeal’. (iv) Brief for defendants for Fawsitt in cases Gerard Sweeney v Charles F Olley and Gerard Henry v Patrick Nolan, for 4 December 1929 at Dundrum District Court, under the Motor Car Act, 1903. Present are notes on the case, two copies of summonses, rough table of evidence, and a final note signed by CF Olley. (v) Sean O Cuirrín regarding copyright. Two letter from O Cuirrín, Cappoquin, Co Waterford, explaining that he and others were recorded by arrangement by the Parlaphone Company playing traditional music, which was later released commercially, but for which they received inadequate, and further that Browne and Nolan have claimed copyright to one of the pieces recorded. (8 and 12 December 1930). (vi) Chadwicks Dublin Ltd v Shell Mex Dublin Ltd, Noonan J, rough notes by Fawsitt (January 1931). (vii) Strago and Craftworkers (Jacob Strago), rough notes by Fawsitt (January 1931). (viii) Draft preliminary agreement, George Clune, Thomas Fitzpatrick, and Basil Clancy to the Irish Advertising and Publishing Company Limited (23 May 1931) (ix) Two pages from a longer advice note by Fawsitt to Little, O Huadhaigh & Proud, Solicitors, Dublin, in a matter regarding the Great Southern Railways Company and the Railways Act, 1924 (10 July 1931) [incomplete] (x) Printed Amendments to the Road Transport Bill, 1933, on behalf of the Independent Association of Railway Stockholders. (xi) Attorney-General v Canale, Aliens Order, rough notes by Fawsitt. [cross-reference].

Reference: PR81/1/6/D

Date: [1924 - 1942]

Title: Level:

Legal Documents and Papers

Extent: 5 files


Scope and Content: Legal documents and papers prepared for or by Fawsitt. This sub-series contains formal documents relating to specific cases (PR81/1/6/D/1), notes and draft matter relating to specific cases (PR81/1/6/D/2), documents and notes relating to specific legal topics (PR81/1/6/D/3), Fawsitt’s Index to Cases notebook (PR81/1/6/D/4), legal notes and draft matter relating to ‘Civil Bills’ (PR81/1/6/D/5), and a file of legal ephemera not fitting into the preceding files (PR81/1/6/D/6).

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/1

Date: 1928 - 1937

Title: Level:

Formal Legal Documents on Cases

Extent: 4 items


Scope and Content: Printed or typescript legal documents relating to particular cases. Included are the following: (i) In the matter of Coleman O’Dea & Co and Irish Life and General Assurance Limited, three documents: draft mortgage of leasehold premises to the trustees of the Royal Liver Friendly Society [undated]; Case for counsel (Fawsitt), proposed scheme of indemnity against depreciation in value of house property (August 1928); Memorandum of Association, the Irish Life and General Assurance Company Limited (25 August 1923) (ii) In the matter of John Conor Magee Estate in the High Court of Justice, Scheme for the administration of funds, issued under the name of James C Meredith, printed by Arthur Cox, solicitor, Dublin. (18 December 1930). [cross reference with file/corr] (iii) In the matter of Anne Sunner and James Noel Sunner, Plaintiffs, and Arthur McGowan, Defendant, two documents: statement of claim by Reid and Reid Solicitors for the plaintiffs, under the name of Diarmaid Fawsitt (27 May 1936); Consent agreed between the parties (7 September 1936); affidavit by Anne Sunner (30 September 1936), preceded by rough note [by Fawsitt]; statement of claim. The case concerns the death of William Sunner (husband and father) in a motor accident. (iv) In the matter of Agnes V Ryan, Plaintiff, and Samuel Cooke and Patrick Quinn, and Patrick Cowley, Defendants, three documents: copy pleadings prepared by James O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, Dublin [draft; rough notes on back page] (documents included in the pleading range in date from June to September 1937); Opinion of Mr Fawsitt re Mrs Ryan’s premises in Grafton Street (10 September 1936); copy opinion of Mr Lavery, KC, re The Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd and Mrs Agnes V Ryan (28 April 1937). The matter concerns an injunction sought by the plaintiff to prevent the defendants from picketing her premises, the Monument Creamery, on Henry Street, Dublin, over her alleged refusal to employ trade union labour.

(xii) S Kerritt v Somers, rough notes by Fawsitt (undated) (xiii) S Kerritt v Connolly, rough notes by Fawsitt (undated)

(xiv) 14 North Richmond Street, Dublin, dospute re tenancy, rough notes by Fawsitt (undated). (xv) Draft affidavit putting administration bond in suit in the matter of Coffey v Coffey (undated) (xvi) Rent Acts, Sisk v Cronin and another, judgement of Meredith J. (ADD) High Court of Justice, John Reinhardt and others v Dublin Corporation (1929), relating to pensions. draft statement of claim, notes, including a rough table of information on each defendant. (xvii) Bundle of rough case notes and newscuttings referring to several cases, evidently for study or research purposes. Includes, eg, address of Sullivan J to jury in McMullan v Mulhall and another (July 1928); notes re Seagar Evans Co v Padraig Fleming [1926]; Newscutting, Irish Independent, 20 April 1929: Trial of Sean McBride.

Reference: PR81/1/6/D/2

Date: 1926 - 1936

Title: Level:

Files of legal notes

Extent: 3 files


Scope and Content: Small sub-series consisting of three files containing rough notes on cases and legal subjects.



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