Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/9

Date: [1929 - 1930]

Postcard from EJ Long, Ltd, Leather Merchants and Boot Upper Manufacturers, 16 Capel Street, Dublin, to Fawsitt, stating that he has written to Limerick ‘asking what you requested’. (21 September 1929) Letter from PJ Loddyn, 21 Clare St, Dublin, to Fawsitt, stating that there are no letters for him in the Library. He passes on the news that ‘Brian Dillon has left to become a priest in the diocese of Southwark’, and adds that his wife went to England on Friday. (25 September 1929) Letter from LE O’Connell, Principal Executive Officer, Technical Education Committee for the City of Dublin. informing him that he was unsuccessful in obtaining appointment as a part-time lecturer for proposed railway classes. (8 October 1929) (Draft) ts letter from ‘(Mrs)’ to the Manager, Savoy Cinema Restaurant, Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin, submitting a tender for supply of milk. (30 October 1929) Letter from Johanna Smyth, Woodview Cottages, Stillorgan, to ‘Mrs Fosset’, offering her services as a dress maker. (1 November 1929) Invitation card from the Dominican Convent, St Catherine’s, Sion Hill, Blackrock, to Mr and Mrs Fawsitt, to Theatricals, on 13 November [1929] Form letter from Martin McNeill, Athlone, containing seed potato prices and inviting an order. (8 January 1930) Letter from William O’Connor, Belmonth House, Blackrock, Co Dublin, asking Fawsitt’s assistance in getting his brother ‘out of a rut’ at the Department of Industry and Commerce. (25 February [1932]) Letter from William O’Connor, Gresham Hotel, Dublin, to Fawsitt, thanking him for his letter and expression of interest. (25 February 1932) Telegram from Eugene Twoma, 36 Barrack Street, to Fawsitt, asking him to wire a few pounds. (5 March 1932) Letter from Eugene and Maggie [Twoma], 36 Barrack St, Cork, to ‘Miah’, thanking him for sending two pounds, and explaining their difficulties with rent and accommodation as ‘we have all in the house idle’. 9pp. (8 March 1932) Letter from ‘JCD’ [JC Dowdall?], 66 Merrion Rd, Ballsbridge, to Fawsitt, referring to the new military tribunal, and noting ‘it did not need your letter to convince me of the littleness both in character & ability of the learned Mr Attorney!’ [see PR81/1/6/A/4]. He encloses a gift ‘for the godson’. In a post script he adds that he will have a ‘discreet word’ said to ‘the Chief’ [de Valera], noting ‘I don’t believe he would stand for victimisation’. (26 November 1935) Letter from PM Rath, Belgrano, Merrion Road, Dublin, to Fawsitt, thanking his for note with cheque for £20. (8 April 1936) Letter from John Dowdall, Dowdall, O’Mahoney & Co, Cork, to Fawsitt, congratulating him on his success ‘in the face of Herculean difficulties, bad health, intrigues against you & thank God worries of a large family’. (8 April 1936) Letter from JCD expressing his pleasure at seeing Fawsitt’s name listed among the counsel in the recent ‘big issue fishery case’ [PR81/1/6/A/4]. (15 April 1936) Letter from Patrick Lynch, 2, Mount Street, Dublin, to Fawsitt, thanking him for his Easter greetings. (28 March 1937) Menu card for reception at Dublin Castle in honour of His Excellency Mr JP Kennedy, American Ambassador to Great Britain. (8 July 1938) Letter from John J Sheridan, ‘Woodleigh’, 3, Seafield Road, West, Clontarf, to Mrs Fawsitt, congratulating her on her husband’s being called to the Inner Bar. (29 December 1938)

Title: Level:

Personal items filed with legal correspondence

Extent: 23 items


Scope and Content: File comprised of two small sub-files of mixed personal matter originally filed with legal correspondence. Includes the following: (i) (items 1-12): Rough notes, Analysis of Exam results [possibly Fawsitt’s law examinations]. (1927-30) Rough note, book list (legal texts) Three receipts for lodgements in the Munster and Leinster Bank (14 July and 17 October 1929 and 7 February 1932) Memo from Martin McNeill, Merchant, Athlone, forwarding Fawsitt a price list [not present]. 9 January 1930. Postcard from Hugh Moore & Alexanders Ltd, Dublin [with Eire half penny stamp] Empty envelope from The Powell Press, Dublin, addressed to Fawsitt [post stamped 5 September 1929 [half penny stamp]. Closed [empty] envelope directed to Fawsitt [name only], with printed sender address og Mrs H Kirby, 509 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York. Envelope containing prescription by Dr Keogh, Jervis Street Hospital, Throat and Nose Dispensary. Envelope printed with name of Gh Grindley & Co Ltd, Chemists, Westland Row, Dublin. Ford’s Blotting paper card. Printed prospectus, Pembroke Technical Instruction Committee, Pembroke Technical School, Ballsbridge, Commerce Department, 1929-30. Printed prospectus, Rathmines Municipal Technical Institute, 1929-30. 4 newscuttings. Ad for places for pupils at the catholic College, Dublin [undated]; short notice on reprieve of ‘The Rossmuck Murderers’ [Irish Independent, 2 August 1929]; article, ‘Barley Growing in Ireland’ [Irish independent, 30 July 1929]; article, ‘Factory manager Sent for Trial’. The Midland Tribune, Tipperary Sentinel, Offaly County Vindicator, 3 August 1929. (ii) (items 13-21): Draft copy of letter from Fawsitt to Rev Bro PJ Hennessy, Superior General, Christian Brothers, Marino, Dublin, congratulating him on his diamond jubilee, stating ‘please permit me as an old Blarney Street boy of the 1890-1900 period to add the “Cork Accent” to the wide chorus of well- merited felicitations’. (7 September 1929) Receipt, Hayes, Conyngham & Robinson, Chemists, 20 April 1933 Receipt from Wallace Bros Ltd, Dublin, for coke (coal), 7 May 1934 Ms invoice signed John Nathan (for work/labour). [Undated] Two cancelled Munster and Leinster Bank cheques from Fawsitt in favour of Thomas and James C Dowdall, both dated 7 April 1936. 4 vry small pages of legal notes, possibly research or study, not seeming to relate to specific cases. Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, brochure Passenger information sheets regarding sailings to Fremantle and Columbo on SS Canberra, dated 15 and 21 January 1962 respectively. Blank postcard, Enquiry Form to Butterworth & Co, publishers, to request details of The English and Empire Digest [undated] Reprints, article from The Times, Monday, February 15, 1932 (The Progress of Science), and article from Nature, March 12, 1932 (The Drumm Traction Battery), both relating to the Drumm Traction Battery. Small bundle relating to car hire by Fawsitt from RW Archer, South Circular Road, Dublin. Includes hire agreement (31 January 1938), invoice (January 1938), receipt (31 January 1938), statement (30 April 1938), and rough note of costs.



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