Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/5

Date: 1932

Council’s liabilities under the Town and Regional Planning Bill, 1933. (item 13, 26 January) [see also 2 February] Letter from James J Baskerville, Sydney Parade, Cork, to Fawsitt, asking for his support for his application for an engineerign position with the Port and Rocks Board, explaining his discontent with his present position with the Electricity Supply Board. (item 38, 17 March) Letter from the Secretary, The Sea Fisheries Association of Saorstat Eireann, to Fawsitt, expressing sympathy at having learned of Fawsit’s daughter’s tonsilitis from Dr St John Gogarty. (item 83, 5 June) Letter from John J Early, solicitors, to Fawsitt, relating to the appointment of trustees under the Settled Land Act in the matter of Brooks. (item 114, 3 August) Letter from Elgee and Little, Solicitors, Wexford, to Fawsitt, seeking advice on a private bill which Wexford Harbour Commissioners wish to bring regarding improvement of the harbour. (item 135, 4 September)

Title: Level:

1932 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 80 items


Scope and Content: Includes:

Letter from Thomas Montgomery, Solicitor, to Fawsitt, regarding the Sea Fisheries Association having turned down the proposal that salmon fishing be added to its scope (item 43, 25 August 1932). Letter from John S O’Connor, solicitor, regarding settlement in the matter of Gunning and Wicklow Hills ‘Bus Co. An undated newscutting containing a report on this case has been placed with this item (item 51, letter dated 13 September). Letter from James O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, to Fawsitt, regarding Brideville Football Club and pending decision of Circuit Court (item 52, 16 September 1932). Letter from James O’Connor, Solicitor, to Fawsitt, regarding 39 Grafton Street and his recent discussion thereon with Mr Cox (17 October 1932). Letter from Office of Public Works to James O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, Dame Street, regarding Nos 16- 17 Parliament Street, Dublin. (item 75, 1 December).

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/8

Date: 1928 - 1938

Title: Level:

Personal correspondence filed with legal correspondence

Extent: 28 items


Scope and Content: Small file containing personal letters and other matter found among legal papers, but not relating to Fawsitt’s legal career. Three small bundles of rough notes and receipts, printed matter (Pembroke Technical School commerce Department), and newscuttings have been placed at the back of the file (PR81/1/6/C/8-29-31). Correspondence includes: Letter from Barry M Egan, Cork, to Fawsitt, acknowledging his of 19 September. (24 September 1928) Incomplete letter to Mrs Fawsitt thanking her and Miah (Fawsitt) for hosting them during their recent visit. Unsigned (last page not present). (14 May 1929) Letter from Barry M Egan, Charlotte House, Cork, to ‘Dear Jerry’ (Fawsitt), thanking him for his sympathies on the death of Egan’s mother. (18 May 1929) Letter from ‘Mary’, Miceal House, Assumption Road, Cork, to ‘Miah’, asking him to enquire at the Claims Branch of the Income Tax Office about repayment of the claim of James Donovan, ‘Rathmore’, Assumption Road, Cork. [torn] (26 May 1929) Letter from JP Noonan, St Mary’s, Marino, thanking him for his congratulations, but adding ‘the post carries no joys but plenty of worries’. (12 July 1930) Letter from TJ Hegarty, 133 Alexandra Road, Sheerness, to Fawsitt, apologising for not being in the office to asssit Fawsitt on a certain matter, and enclosing a letter from the Cunard Line (Cobh, 22 July) explaining the reason. (25 July 1929) Letter from (Brother) Hennessy, St Mary’s, Marino, thanking Fawsitt for his ‘kind and generous letter’ of 7 September, adding ‘The Cork accent was much in evidence on that day; there is no accent in the world superior to it’. (12 September 1929) Ts copy letter from Fawsitt to the principal executive officer, Technical Institute, Bolton Street, Dublin, offering himself as a candidate for two recently-advertised teacherships on Railway Law and railway economics. (17 September 1929) Letter from J Darnley Taylor, Director, Geoffrey Martin & Taylor, Limited, to Fawsitt, thanking him for his letter of 17 September (relating to the Germany Portland Cement Co at Munster), noting it will be dealt with in strictest confidence, and that he is writing to ‘our German Principals’. [stamped envelope present] (19 September 1929)

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/6

Date: 1933

Title: Level:

1933 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 119 items


Scope and Content: Includes: Letter from Little, O hUadhaigh & Proud, to Fawsitt regarding the Electrical Power Engineers’ Association and costs for arbitration cases (item 1, 2 January 1933). Letter from Colonel Eamon O Broithe (Broy), Commissioner, an Garda Siochana, to Fawsitt regarding his concerning an application by an ex-Garda for readmission to the force. (item 29, 29 May) Letter from Philip W Bass & Co Solicitors, Cork, to Fawsitt, regarding arbitration in the matter of Shortt, O’Mahony, Scully, and McCarthy v ESB (item 46, 21 July) Letter from James O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, Dame Syreet, Dublin, to Fawsitt, regarding purchase of Navan GAA Grounds. (item 59, 22 August) Letter from WF O’Connor, Solicitors, Cork, to Fawsitt, regarding reduction of perpetual rent on the lands of the late Daniel Coleman, Slievedotia, Co Cork. (item 112, 19 December)

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/7

Date: 1934

Title: Level:

1934 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 162 items


Scope and Content: File including the following:

Letter from John J Early, Solicitor, Henry Street, Dublin, to Fawsitt, in the matter of Pate and Little versus Green and others [several letters on this matter present in 1933 and 1934 correspondence]. (item 4, 10 January) Letter from John Elgee, Solicitor for Wexford County Council, seeing Fawsitt’s advice regarding the



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