Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/B/7

Date: c1928 - 1936

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/2

Date: 1929

Title: Level:

Title: Level:

Ms Notebooks on Cases

1929 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 8 Volumes

Extent: 29 items



Scope and Content: Ms note books by Fawsitt, recording details of proceedings in several cases, and related notes. The books used are of A5 unruled blank sheets with perforated edges, with brown soft card covers on which the name of the case or cases covered are written. Present are the following: 1. Attorney General v White, Circuit Criminal Court, case opened 31 March 1936 2. State v Finn and Crowe [1931] 3. State v Walsh and Joyce (Rosmuck Murder trial) 4. Bradshaw v Coleman and Deansgrange Burial Board v Burton 5. Jordison v ROP Ltd; Moore v McKeown; New Ireland Assurance Co Ltd v Moore; Bohan v Kenna; Bohan v Tomkins; Tormey v O’Brien; Seligman v ROP Ltd 6. Bradley v Price; Page v A Clarkin Ltd 7. AG v Delany [and other cases] 8. O’Toole v ESB (1933) and other cases *[Box 6D]

Scope and Content: The file includes a small bundle relating to an accident involving Mrs Fawsitt, and injuries sustained when alighting from a Dublin United Tramways Company tram (4 items; 24 October 1928 - 6 February 1929). Copy letter from Fawsitt to Chief Justice Hugh Kennedy asking to be considered for appointment as arbitrator to a labour dispute under the Railways Acts (23 August 1929). Draft letter [on behalf of] Mrs Smyth, to Mr Spain, Secretary, Roscrea Bacon Factory, regarding bankruptcy proceedings against her husband and the risk of losing the family home. (4pp, 2 September; see also 30 and 31 August and 20 September) Copy letter from Cork IDA to Ryan & Son, Tanners, Kilkenny, regarding an application for a tariff by the Irish Leather Tanners’ Federation, and recommending Fawsitt, Cork IDA’s former secretary and now a barrister, as someone who might assist in this matter (14 October).

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/3

Date: 1930

Title: Level:

1930 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 53 items


Scope and Content: Includes: Personal letter from Mary Doherty, New York, sending good wishes and asking whether Mrs Fawsitt could help find work for Josey (item 24, 13 August). Draft letter regarding an agreement between ‘The Leader’ newspaper and another paper of the same name, regarding use of the title in the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland, the latter agreeing to use the title ‘The Topical Leader’ [item 32, undated (September 1930)] Letter from the Land Commission to Fawsitt, enclosing an application form for the post of Temporary examiner of Title, and advising that application must be made to the Civil Service Commissioners (item 45, 8 November 1930).

PR81/1/6/C General Legal Correspondence (1928 – 1934)

Reference: PR81/1/6/C

Date: 1928 - 1934

Title: Level:

General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 9 files


Scope and Content: Files of general legal correspondence relating to Fawsitt’s work as a barrister and legal advisor. The correspondence has been arranged chronologically, by year. Larger files on specific cases or subjects are listed in PR81/1/6/B, above. The small files of personal correspondence and personal items originally placed with legal correspondence have also been placed in the present series (PR81/1/6/C/8-9).

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/4

Date: 1931

Title: Level:

1931 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 68 items


Scope and Content: Includes: Letter from Crowley, Bolger & Cusack, Solicitors, to Fawsitt, in the matter of Attorney General versus Canale, an unregistered alien (item 3, 21 January 1931). Letter from James O’Connor & Co, Solicitors, Dublin, to Fawsitt, forwarding a letter from W Montgomery & Son regarding Norwich Union versus Kearns with reference to the Pawnbroker Act, citing an 1887 case in Dublin and similar cases in Londonderry with regard to pawnbrokers’ liability (item 50, 8 October 1931). Letter from Patrick Tallan, Solicitor, to James O’Connor, County Registrar, regarding the State versus Margaret Hogan on a charge of infanticide, asking him to ‘arrange to get the young friend you mention assigned to defend’ [Fawsitt]. (item 51, 16 October 1931) Letter from Webb, Scott, & Seymour, Solicitors, to Fawsitt, taking exception to his ‘intemperate’ letter of 8 December [not present] regarding their interview with Fawsitt’s son (item 65, 11 December 1931).

Reference: PR81/1/6/C/1

Date: 1928

Title: Level:

1928 General Legal Correspondence

Extent: 6 items


Scope and Content: Small file, including:

two letters, one from W.O’B. Hishon, auditor, (23 August) and one from Fawsitt to DJ O’Callaghan, Manager, Cooperative Dairy Society, Shandrum, Co Cork (6 September), both regarding a case involving the Society. Letter from D Parson, D Ruttlidge Solicitor, 126, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, to Fawsitt, referring to a Flanagan case and advising ‘you ought to mix socially with the solicitors in Cork while you are on circuit. It counts for a lot in the long run’. (1 October)



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