Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/5 Industrial Development and Trade (1920s-1930s)

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/06

Date: 1926 - 1927

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/08

Date: 1930 - 1931 (1926)

Title: Level:

Title: Level:

Further articles, broadcasts, and statistical research on Irish trade

Tariffs and The Tariff Commission 1930

Extent: 5 sub-files

Extent: 2 sub-files



Scope and Content: Set of 4 folders, the first of which relates to a2RN broadcast, and the last two of which relate to articles contributed to the Financial Times. Also present are loose copies of a Financial Times article on tariffs and the Irish Free State. These records differ from those in PR81/1/5/B/05 only in that they are not titled and arranged by industry, and do not relate to Fawsitt’s series of articles on Irish industries. (i) , Folder, ‘The (British) General Strike and Irish Food Supplies’ (2RN Broadcast - 17/5/1926’). Four newscuttings re the broadcast present. (4 items) (ii) Folder, ‘Livestock - Statistics’. Includes printed Department of Agriculture returns on eg land under crops, livestock numbers, export of cattle (monthly, incomplete). Also contains weekly Pig Statistics, 1924-27 (incomplete). Also present are three press cutting, including Irish Independent, 12 Mar 1926, referring to an interview with JL Fawsitt, IIDA, concerning falling prices for pigs and bacon. (iii) Folder, ‘Port of Dublin Trade 1924 - 1927’. With article ‘Irish Free State. Trade of the Port of Dublin’, ‘Specially Contributed’, to Financial Times; ‘Dublin’s Seaborne Trade. What the Port Returns Disclose’, for the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Journal, April 1928; Irish Times form of rejection letter; rough notes. (4 items) (iv) Folder, ‘Port of Belfast, 1926 Returns’. Includes ts article ‘The Port of Belfast. Its Finances, Shipping and Trade’, ‘from a Correspondent’; letter from Fawsitt to the Irish News offering the article on usual terms, and their reply rejecting it (both 7 Mar 1926); Financial Times, 19 March 1926, containing published article. (v) Article, ‘Tariffs and Taxation. The Free State’s Revenue from Tariffs’ ‘(Specially Contributed)’. Two rough ts copies of the article, with some loose pages and ms notes.

Scope and Content: Large file concerning tariffs and the Tariff Commission, 1930, with particular reference to the butter industry. Also present is a small file of correspondence between Fawsitt and JJ Bergin regarding tariffs (1926). (i) File containing letters from Henry Kennedy, Secretary, Irish Agricultural Organisation Society, including responses to a questionnaire from Fawsitt (Nov-Dec 1930); Tariff Commission Application for Customs Duty on Butter, Evidence of Witnesses (December 1930); article, ‘The Tariff Commission’, by JL Fawsitt (2 ts copies and printed page from The Irish Tribune); ts paper, ‘The Position of the Irish Associated Creameries Ltd in Relation to Tariffs’ (2 copies), ts and printed statistical returns (5 items); printed matter, including memorandum on the formation of The Irish Associated Creameries Ltd, article by DJ Coakley re a butter tariff (Nov 1930), booklet ‘The Possibilities of Clean Milk’ and first annual report of the Irish Clean Milk Society (May 1927), Irish Associated Creameries Report 1928 and issues of the IAC Bulletin (Mar, Jun, Jul, Sep, and Oct 1930), Irish Trade Journal Feb 1928 with article ‘Irish Butter Export Trade’, and newscuttings regarding butter, tariffs, and the Tariff Commission. Three pages of rough notes (by Fawsitt) also present. (ii) Small file containing a letter to Fawsitt from JJ Bergin, Athy, referring to Fawsitt’s letter in The Leader and giving his view that the next government will be ‘more West British’ and ‘likely to give us all the disadvantages of separation from England without any of its advantages’ (30 Mar 1926); same to same referring to his query regarding the Australian Tariff Board ‘at the last meeting’ and accepting Fawsitt’s offer of an article (19 Jul 1926); Article by Fawsitt, ‘Monopolies and tariffs. An Australian example’; Newscutting, The Nenagh Guardian, with article ‘Tariffs or Free Trade? Mr JJ Bergin’s Views’ (letter to the editor) (24 Jul 1926)

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/07

Date: 1924 - 1932

Title: Level:

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/09

Date: 1921 - 1928

1926 Census: Statistics, Correspondence, and Writings

Extent: 2 sub-files

Title: Level:


Other Writings and Reference Matter

Scope and Content: Two sub-files relating to the Irish Census of 1926. The first contains correspondence with John Hooper, Director, Department of Statistics, forwarding pre-publication copies of statistical reports for Fawsitt’s attention. The second relates specifically to the statistics on religions. Both contain drafts of articles by Fawsitt. (i) Folder including correspondence with John Hooper, Director, Department of Statistics, initially forwarding to Fawsitt copies of trade reports, statistics, and subsequently reports and statistics in relation to the 1926 census. Also present are confidential copies of the reports/statistics on Occupations and on Dependency [one copy of the latter marked ‘Confidential. Not for release before Tuesday 20 June 1933’]. The folder also contains articles by Fawsit: ‘Irish Free State. Occupations of its people’ ‘”Financial Times” Special’; and ‘Our People. Their Daily Work’, by Diarmuid Fawsitt, Barrister-at-Law (in two parts). In his letter of 11 Sep 1928, Hooper thanks Fawsitt for ‘the fine publicity you are getting for our statistics’. (37 items) (ii) Folder containing two copies of ‘Saorstat Eireann Census of Population 1926 Vol III Religions and Birthplaces’, marked confidential and not for publication before friday 15 February 1929. Also present are ts and ms copies of article by Fawsitt ‘Irish Free State Census. Statistics of Religions and Birthplaces in 1925’, ‘specially contributed’.

Extent: 2 sub-files (6 items)


Scope and Content: Two artificial files containing notes and writings not fitting elsewhere in this series. (i) The first file includes the following: Ts Article, ‘Cooperation In Ireland. A Partial Success’, ‘Specially Contributed’. Ts Chapter, ‘Power and Use’ Pamphlet, ‘Is Ireland a Danger to England? The Strategical Question Examined’, reprinted from the Irish Bulletin of 29th July, 1921 Newscutting ‘Ireland’s New Industry. Artificial Silk. Will it supplant linen?’, by Alfred S Moore (Irish Times, 16 May 1928) (ii) The second file includes the following: Census of Production, 1929, notice by Department of Industry and Commerce, August 1929 Rough notes relating to Irish and British trade, evidently relating to the 1929 census of production. Notes are on small and foolscap sheets of paper, and on envelopes.



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