Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/5 Industrial Development and Trade (1920s-1930s)

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/04

Date: c1926 - 1932

‘1. - The Irish Woollen Industry’ from his historic industrie series (published in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Journal) is also present. (iii) Brewing and Distilling. Includes article ‘Brewing and Distilling Industries. Conditions in 1926’ ‘contributed by Diarmuid Fawsitt, Barrister-At-Law’; Department of Industry and Commerce Census of Production 1926 Reports on the Whiskey Distilling, Brewing and malting Industries; draft text for ‘Whiskey Distilling’ from ‘Irish Industries (A series of 25)’ for Players’ Cigarette Cards; article [not by Fawsitt] from Irish Independent, 31 March 1928, and cutting 24 April 1928. (7 items) (iv) Tobacco Culture. Includes a letter from Randall J Everard, Randestown House, Navan, Co Meath, thanking Fawsitt for sending him a copy of the Financial Times with his article on tobacco. Everard opines that unless duty is lowered ‘I see no possibility of saving the industry from extinction’ (6 Sep 1928); reply from Fawsitt to Everard, explaining that ‘no Irish paper will take contributions from me unless I offer them without a fee charge’ and that he has found the Financial Times to be ‘exceeding generous’ with space on Irish economic data. But, he adds, for Ireland ‘what appears in foreign papers may as well never have been written’. (8 Sep 1928); ts of ‘Irish Free State Tobacco Industry. Big Expansion since 1925, Census of Production Figures for 1926’, ‘special to the Financial Times’; Department of Industry and Commerce Census of Production 1926 report on the Tobacco Industry (2 copies); pamphlet, The Irish Tobacco Industry, by Nugent T Everard, November 1912; page from The Irish Rosary with page from article ‘The Profitable Weed; rough notes by Fawsitt; The Financial Times, 3 Sep 1928 (2 copies); three further cuttings. (10 items) (v) Fertiliser Industry. Ts article, ‘Irish Free State Production of fertilisers, Census of production Figures for 1926’, ‘”Financial Times” Special’; The Financial Times, 8 August 1928, containing Fawsitt’s article (3 copies). (2 items) (vi) Irish Sugar Beet Industry. Includes ts article ‘The Irish Sugar-Beet Industry. History of the Mountmellick Factory’, by Diarmuid Fawsitt; Paper by Ing. Theodor Hayek, Technical Manager, ISM Co Ltd, Carlow, to the June 1927 Galway Congress of the Irish Technical Instruction Association; The Financial Times, 23 November 1926, with article by Fawsitt, ‘Irish Beet Sugar. Carlow Factory Starts Work’. (3 items) (vii) Grain and Flour Milling. Includes ‘2RN to Broadcast - 16 March 1926 - Lecture No 4, Mr JL Fawsitt on the Irish Flour Milling Industry’ (3 copies); article, ‘Wheat and Flour Market in the Irish Free State. Importance for British Suppliers. Present Condition of Free State Milling Industry’, ‘Special to “Financial Times”’; single ts page from an article re flour milling; Depart of Industry and Commerce Census of Production 1926 report on the Grain Milling Industry; First Report of the Anti-Dumping Committee of the National Association of British and Irish Millers; ts statistics on Irish Flour Mills 1924 and 1925; ms notes (by Fawsitt); bundle of press cuttings (20 items). (8 items) (viii) Fisheries. Includes ‘Report on the Irish Fish-Curing Industry with reference particularly to the American Markets’, by Consul General JL Fawsitt, New York; ‘The Historic Industries of Ireland by JL Fawsitt. 5. The Irish Deep-Sea Fisheries’ [1 copy of first part, 2 copies of second part); Ts, ‘Report on Establishment of Irish Fish Exchange’; Ts, Analysis of cured fish imports into the United States; Abstract of Returns of the Numbers of Irish Free State Vessels, Boats and Crews engaged in the sea fisheries in the year 1926, with covering letter by JD Rush (1 Oct 1928); cutting from Irish Times (29 Sep 1928). (6 items) (ix) Ms ‘Lecture No 5, 2RN to |broadcast - 23-3-1926, Mr JL Fawsitt on the Leather and Shoe Industries’. Draft, with some ms notes.

Title: Level:

Series of Articles by JL Fawsitt

Extent: 3 sub-files


Scope and Content: Two folders containing series of articles by JL Fawsitt, and a folder of one-off articles, and press cuttings. (1) Series, ‘The Remaking of Ireland’, for the Catholic Press, Sydney. Chapters 2-12 (chapter 1 not present). 2 copies present of chapters 2-7, 10, and 12. One page only of chapter 9 present. (11 items) (2) series of articles ‘Historic Industries of Ireland’. Ts articles on the Irish cotton, linen, and woollen industries. Several copies, not all complete, of each present. Also present are articles on Irish Agriculture and The Peat Resources of Ireland, which may be part of this series. The file contains copies of and cuttings from the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Journal containing published articles (November 1927, March 1928, September 1928). The September 1928 article ‘The Irish Deep-Sea Fisheries’ does not occur among the ts articles in the folder. (9 items) (3) Articles: ‘The Bacon Curing Industry of the Irish Free State. Census of Production Figures for 1926’ (“Financial Times” special); ‘Protection and the Regulation of Industry’ [first page only present]; ‘Our Economic Exploitation by Foreign Capital’ “(Specially Contributed)” draft and possibly incomplete. 4 ms pages also present. Cutting, ‘Protection and the Regulation of Irish Industry’, The Irish Tribune 21 Aug 1926; report, ‘Soap and Chandlery Industry: Mr Fawsitt’s Review’, The Cork Examiner, 8 May 1926; ‘Agricultural Development in Ireland’ “Financial Times” Special, The Financial Times, 20 Aug 1928; cutting, ‘Peculiar Habits of Salmon: Value of Free State’s Inland Fisheries’, The Irish Times, 17 Apr 1928 [not by Fawsitt]. (7 items)

Reference: PR81/1/5/B/05

Date: c1921 - 1928

Title: Level:

Irish Industries - Radio Broadcasts, Press Articles, and related matter

Extent: 9 sub-files


Scope and Content: Set of 8 sub-files relating to Irish industries, titled by industry, and containing Fawsitt’s drafts for broadcasts, lectures, and articles on each, together with related statistical and research matter, correspondence, and cuttings. Also present is a loose copy of a broadcast script (ix). Fawsitt delivered broadcasts on Irish industries and other topics on the national radio station 2RN c1926-28, although content in this file does not relate exclusively to these broadcasts. (i) Irish Cotton Industry. Includes a copy of article 3 ‘The Irish Cotton Industry’ from Fawsitt’s series ‘The Historic Industries of Ireland’; related ts drafts; ms notes; ‘Rise and fall of the Irish Cotton Industry: Sale of the Last Mill’ from The Gaelic American (7 Jan 1928); and printed proof copy of ‘3. - The Irish Cotton Industry’ (by Fawsitt). (ii) Woollen & Worsted Industry. Includes a letter from the Cork Industrial Development Association regarding County Cork Woollen Mills, with a listing of all 10 (30 Dec 1925; two letters from W Cronin, Dripsey Woollen Mills, the first suggesting his article address British tweeds arriving on a large scale since ‘the Civil War tied up the Irish mills’ and calling for protection (19 Oct 1927), and the second sympathising with him on his ‘hard luck’ (dismissal as inspector with IIDA); Department of Industry and Commerce Census of Production 1926 Preliminary Report No 1: Woollen and Worsted Industry; newscuttings, including Financial Times with Fawsitt’s report on the preceding departmental report, and two cuttings referrring to his broadcast on the hosiery industry. The first page of Fawsitt’s article



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