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PR81/1/5 Industrial Development and Trade (1920s-1930s)

PR81/1/5/C Trade Marks Inspector, Industrial Development Association (1924 – 1928)

the word ‘Shamrock’ by the Imperial Tobacco Company (20 Dec 1926), with a number of enclosures (some not present), including the London Trade Mark Registrar’s decision in the Luckes Luckes case (19 Oct 1920), an (ms) extract from the Freeman’s Journal re ‘Shamrock as a Trade Indication’ (9 Aug 1907), and the 20th annual report of the IIDA [1925]. Also present is an ‘Inspector’s Minute’ by Fawsitt re Parkes & Co, Birmngham, ‘Shamrock’ shovels (25 Mar 1925), and pages of rough notes re the Act and trade marks (11pp). [1926] 11 items PR81/1/5/C/1/5 Ts copies of lectures, ‘Trade Marks. Their Object, Use and Protection’ [by Fawsitt]. The first, marked ‘Specially Contributed’ [to a newspaper] refers to the recent establishment of an Industrial and Commercial Property Office in Dublin [1927]. The second is described as ‘continued from our April issue’ [2 copies of page 2 of this item also present]. The final item is a ms draft headed ‘2RN Broadcast on 2/3/1926, Series Lecture No 2, Mr JL Fawsitt on the “Irish Trade Mark”’. [1926] 3 items PR81/1/5/C/1/6 Small set of newscuttings relating to Fawsitt’s (radio) lectures on trade marks and to trade matters generally. Included is a review in The Irish News and Belfast Morning News, March 3 1926, and cuttings from The Irish News, The Leader, The Irish Times, and The Belfast Telegraph. These cuttings are tagged as being from the Irish Press Cutting Agency. Fawsitt asserted that ‘The Irish Trade mark is... the national trade mark for goods manufactured in Ireland, whether in An Saorstat or in Northern Ireland’. 1926. 5 items

Reference: PR81/1/5/C

Date: 1924 – 1928

Title: Level:

Trade Marks Inspector, Industrial Development Association

Extent: 6 files


Scope and Content: Set of 6 files relating to Fawsitt’s employment as a trade mark inspector with the Irish Industrial Development Association (IIDA), 1925-28, to court cases involving its ‘Shamrock’ trade mark, and to Fawsitt’s own research and writings on the subject of Irish trade marks.

Reference: PR81/1/5/C/1/1-6 Date: 4 December 1924 - 23 February 1928 Title: Inspector with the Irish Industrial Development Association Level: file Extent: 6 sub-files Scope and Content:

PR81/1/5/C/1/1 File relating to Fawsitt’s employment as an Inspector of applicants for use of the Irish trade mark with the IIDA, from March 1925 to February 1928. The file includes Fawsitt’s letter of application in which he summarises his career (4 Dec 1924); Agreement (contract of employment), appointing Fawsitt ‘as an Inspector of the premises businesses etc of applicants to the Association for use of the Irish Trade Mark and also as an inspector to detect instances of the misuse of the Irish Trade Mark or cases of deception in the sale of goods claimed to be Irish goods’ (18 March 1925); ‘Private and Confidential’ report by JL Fawsitt, Inspector, entitled ‘Notes on the Irish Trade Mark and the proposed National Mark for Butter’ (20 July 1925); ‘Strictly Confidential’ Inspector’s minute ‘Code of Regulations Governing Use of the Irish Trade Mark...’ (19 Nov 1925 - 2 copies); note, ‘Registration of Irish Trade mark in Saorstat Eireann’ (10 Act 1927); note, ‘Contemporaneous Use of the Irish Trade mark both as a mark of origin and as a mark of Quality (undated, unsigned); letter from the secretary of the Association ‘reluctantly’ giving him one month’s notice, in light of a resolution of its council that a reduction of staff be made this month in the event of adequate financial aid not being obtained from the Government (31 January 1928). 1924-28. 16 items PR81/1/5/C/1/2 Folder marked ‘Shannon Power Development’ containing a letter of introduction to Fawsitt, IIDA, from Laly Garrigan, Shannon Power Development, in favour of Edward Roche, an engineer (12 January 1928), Roche’s letter to Fawsitt, seeking an interview (13 Jan), and Fawsitt’s letter to Roche, advising he does not see a future for the agency business Roche outlined to him (18 Jan). Also present is a newscutting, ‘Shannon Power Scheme. Electrical Training in Schools’. January 1928. 4 items PR81/1/5/C/1/3 O’Herlihy v Dillon: correspondence and notes on foot of complaint by Michael O’Herlihy, Secretary of the Cork Industrial Development Association, that Patrick Dillon, a commercial traveller, attempted to apply a false trade description, namely the word ‘Shamrock’, to a product he was selling (soap), falsely indicating Irish origin and manufacture under the Merchandise Marks Acts, 1887 (8 Aug - 12 Sep 1928). The sub-file contains a small bundle summarising the complaint (5 items), correspondence involving Fawsitt, solicitor Maurice O’Connor, and Cork IDA regarding the case (15 items), and a set of rough notes (by Fawsitt) regarding the case (9 items). 1928. 21 items PR81/1/5/C/1/4 Folder marked ‘M.M Act ‘Shamrock’ Trade Marks’. The folder contains a letter from the IIDA to the Commissioners of Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright, Canada, regarding the use of



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