Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Pp164-170 Payments Account 1725-26

Pp173-187 Rental 1726-27

Pp188-194 Payments Account 1726-27

Pp197-212 Rental May-October 1727

P213 Receipts Account October 1727 to October 1728

Pp214-218 Payments Account 1727-28 [includes note of 'accidental cash paid', Oct-Dec 1727 (p216)]

Pp219-220 Balance sheet, receipts and payments, November 1719 to September 1728.

The pages at the back of the volume are not numbered

[Pages 1-5] 'List of the Counterparts of the several leases belonging to the Honourable Francis Bernard Esq which were in the keeping of Arthur Bernard and Nathaniel Dangger'. 28 leases listed (1718-27). [Pages 7-14] Accounts of money paid to tradesmen (stonecutter, mason, bricklayer, carpenter, and others), 1726-28 'taken out of Danggers and Langtons Books', 'for My New Building' [Castlemahon]. The last two pages record purchase of timber boards and other materials. [Pages 15-16] 'A List of all the lands as mentioned in lord Burlington's marriage settlement dated the 18th of March 1720 lying in or near Bandon'. 36 holdings are described. [Pages 17-18] List of denominations, with columns recording number and quality of acres [eg, arable, rocky, turbury], total acres, present tenant, term [of lease], rents reserved, rents to be reserved, and 'Finis to be payd down'. Undated [c1727].


Date: 1821


Level : item Title: Rent Roll of the Earl of Bandon's Estates Extent: 74 pp Scope and Content:

Rent Roll of the estates of the Earl of Bandon, 1821. Pages 1-46 cover rents received by the Rev Joseph Jervois. The latter part of the volume covers rents received by the Rev S Beamish. Following each rent roll are details of annual interest, head rents, and annuities paid by the agents. The rent rolls contain numbered entries recording the name of the tenant, the name of the denomination, and the terms of the lease, with the associated rent. Rent amounts are totalled at the end of each page and carried over. The roll is not a record of payment of rent. Jervois signed off on his accounts on 20 November 1821. Beamish signed off on his accounts on 19 November 1821. [Lands for which Jervois is the agent appear to be in the eastern estate, while those for which Beamish is agent seem to include denominations in both the western and eastern estates.]

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