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U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: May 1719 - September 1728


Level : item Title: Bernard of Castlemahon Estate Ledger (Rentals, Accounts, Wages, Leases) Extent: 249 pp Scope and Content:

Volume containing rentals of Bernard estate property, with estate accounts and notes on leases. The estate owner is Francis Bernard, his agent being Nathaniel Dangger, who evidently maintained the present ledger. Arthur Bernard is party to some of the leases recorded. From the first numbered page, the volume alternates between rentals and accounts of outgoing payments, 1719-28. Notes on leases and other details and accounts are recorded at the back, the 'last' page of the volume becoming the first page of this separate record. Pages 1-17 contain a rental noting Tenant Name, Denomination (townland or lot number) and details of arrears and rent owed and paid, 1719-20. Some denominations consist of tenements and cabins, and some include cows [eg, p15]. Mortgages and rent charges on which money is owed and received are also recorded. Page 17 summarises rents received and 'accidental cash received' by the estate of Francis Bernard. Separate totals are recorded of rent from the Lands Estate and from the Town of Macroom ['Macroomp' throughout]. Each rental concludes with this summary of receipts, followed by a record of payments (below). Pages 20-24 record 'credits for the several payments made for Fra Bernard Esq from 1o Novr 1719 to 1o Novr 1720' [ie, outgoing payments made by the agent on behalf of the estate]. These include payments relating to Castlemahon House, on which much work was carried out. Many of the payments are wages for labourers and others, often for work on the house and its grounds. Allowances are made to some tenants for work done. Pages 25-41 contain rental for 1720-21. Items of note include 'mass house' (No 17, Macroom, rent free, p35), 'The Manner Courts of Macroomp, Killcrea, and Blarney', 'Mills and Mahereen', and 'faires and marketts' (all page 37).

Pages 42-47 Payments Account 1720-21.

Pages 49-67 Rental 1721-22.

Pp68-73 Payments Account 1721-22.

Pp75-89 Rental 1722-23. Many properties noted to have been 'settled on Francis Bernard Junr'.

Pp90-100 Payments Account 1722-23.

Pp101-115 Rental 1723-24

Pp116-124 Payments Account 1723-24

Pp125-139 Rental 1724-25

Pp140-148 Payments Account 1724-25

Pp149-163 Rental 1725-26

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