Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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managed by the Bandon Estate Office. Items U137/RL/B/006, 013 and 014, which contain entries up to the 1950s and 1960s, refer to the firm of F Hall and Son, solicitors, South Mall, Cork, and may not relate to Doherty and Jones-managed property. 1803-1903 (-1964). U137/RO Rentals other than those maintained as ledgers. These included annual audited rentals and cash accounts, auction rentals, and other unbound rentals. Full listing of all such rentals not completed. See U137/RO/69 (audited rentals and cash accounts, 1882-1904), Box 145 (same, 1885- 98), and Box 156 (same, 1885-98). U137/CB Cash Books, Day Books, and other financial volumes, including rent books and account books. Again, these have been divided into sub-series, U137/CB/A covering earl of Bandon estate records, and U137/RL/CB/B covering mixed estates and other separate estate volumes. U137/EV Series for estate ledgers and volumes not covered by above series. These include the 1719- 28 estate agent's volume containing rentals, accounts, lists of leases, and other estate information. The series also contains wages books, agent's memorandum books, other mixed account books, and a volume on lease arrangements. U137/LB The collection contains many letterbooks, mainly by Richard Wheeler Doherty, which were not listed in 2013. U137/LB/1, a letterbook covering the period 1879-82, was listed as it was stored with large rental ledgers. Other letterbooks are in boxes awaiting listing. The collection as a whole documents the huge range of work carried out by the firm and earlier land agents, particularly for the Earls of Bandon and their vast, sprawling estate. There is much information on tenants, making the rentals, in particular, a valuable source for local and family history. The records also shed light on the social and political history of the period c1719-1903, including events such as the Great Famine (1845-49), the Land Wars of the 1880s, and the Land Acts and the sale of estates from 1903 on. Some fascinating enclosures also occur, eg, in U137/RL/A/047, a file on barytes mining on the earl's land at Dunmanus, 1913-20. The firm's work with many large estates throughout Co Cork and beyond, especially in west Cork, make the collection a key resource for the study of landed estates in Ireland. An appendix listing townlands and denominations in the estates of the earl of Bandon follows this descriptive list.

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