Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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death in 1979. [Sources: Morrissey, C, 'The Bernards of Bandon', Bandon Historical Journal, No 28, 2012; Landed Estates Database, O'Moore Institute, NUI Galway (; Wikipedia (entries regarding earls of Bandon)] Creator (2) Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones) Richard Wheeler Doherty, his son Richard, and his business partner George Thomas Jones worked as land agents for James Bernard, 4th earl of Bandon (acceded 1877). RW Doherty appears to have already represented many members of the Bernard family before this time. The firm became known as the Bandon Estate Office (and as Doherty and Jones) and represented many other estates and landowners in the vicinity of Bandon and elsewhere. Other estates for which they held the agency include Warren (appointed agents in 1899), Synge, Fitzpatrick, Moorhead of Oakmount, Gillman, and others. The firm's documents include substantial records of dealings with other estates and agencies, as well as ledgers, deeds, leases, and other documents relating to estates in the period before they were appointed agents. Many of these estates were broken up and sold to tenants under the land acts of the 1900s, effectively ending the demand for such land agencies, although the collection contains a few volumes with entries for subsequent years. Archival History The collection was acquired by Padraig O'Maidin, County Librarian, for Cork Archives Council in 1971. In 2008 the outsize ledgers in the collection were professionally conserved by Mucross Bookbindery, with grant aid from the Heritage Council. In 2013, these volumes were listed, with rental ledgers being placed in a single series. Other large volumes, including cash books and letter books, and related rental and other volumes in boxes in the collection, were also listed and placed in series. The majority of boxes in the collection, however, still await full listing, and changes to some series may occur on foot of final listing of the whole collection.


Sub-fonds consisting of bound volumes from the Bandon Estate Office, being primarily, but not exclusively, records of the estate of the earl of Bandon. These rental ledgers and other related volumes were listed and arranged in series in 2013. Some series, in particular U137/RO and U137/LB are likely to be augmented on foot of further listing of the overall fonds, and reference numbers for these series should be regarded as provisional. Many of the estate records date from before the time when Doherty and Jones came to hold the land agency, and document the work of earlier land agents, and the tenancies of those times. Eg, the earliest Bandon Estate volume containing rentals dates from 1719-28 (U137/EV/A/001).

The present sub-fonds includes the following series:

U137/RL Rental ledgers documenting denominations (holdings) of land, tenants, rents, and other details. These cover most of the 19th century. There are two sub-series. U137/RL/A consists of rentals relating to the earl of Bandon's estate. U137/RL/B consists of other rentals documenting several estates (sometimes including that of the earl of Bandon) and other single estates also

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