Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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System of Arrangement Listed records arranged into series, some with sub-series. Only rental ledger series are closed, with other series subject to possible additions and revision on completion of listing of the whole collection. Items within series/sub-series are mainly in chronological order, with some modification to place some similar or closely related material together. This is noted in series/sub-series and item descriptions.


U137/RL Rental Ledgers

1A 1B

U137/RL/A Rental Ledgers, Earl of Bandon's Estate U137/RL/B Rental Ledgers, Bandon Estate Office

2 3

U137/RO Rentals Other (audited rentals and cash accounts, auction rentals)

U137/CB Cash Books and other financial volumes U137/CB/A Cash Books etc, Earl of Bandon's Estate U137/CB/B Cash Books etc, Bandon Estate Office

3A 3B

4 U137/EV Estate Volumes, estate management records (other than rentals, cash books) 4A U137/EV/A Estate Volumes, Earl of Bandon's Estate 4B U137/EV/B Estate Volumes, Bandon Estate Office 5 U137/LB Letter Books, Bandon Estate Office

Subjects: Bandon, Earls of (Bernard) Bernard, James, 4 th Earl of Bandon

Doherty, Richard Wheeler (Land Agent, Bandon)

Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)

Landed Estate Papers

Eighteenth Century Cork

Nineteenth Century Cork

Great Famine (1845-49)

Landlord and Tenant

Land War

Tenant Purchase

West Cork

Macroom, Co Cork

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