Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1874-77


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 206 folios and 10pp (memoranda and index) Scope and Content:

Rental recording details of rents due and paid by tenants for holdings in stated townlands/farms. The townlands/farms are Brahalish, Rosmore, Gearahemeen, [Closadoo], Crotties, Dromatinaheen, [Dromnia], Dunkelly East, Kilbronoge, Dreenamane, Ardentenaul South and North, Ballyvurane, Lasinaroe, [Notiladina], and [Ahiohickna]. Some, but not all, of these townlands occur in the Western Estate. Memoranda of payments refer to Col Bernard. [This rental may be an agent's working record of payments, not a formal record, being more roughly written and with less information contained, and no printed fields]


Date: 1878 - 1964 (1972)


Level : item Title: Rental (Reps of Swayne) Extent: 246 ff Scope and Content:

Rental recording payment of yearly rents, head rents, rent charges, and other payments in respect of the property and estate of the representative of Swayne. Much of the property is in Cork city, particularly Cook St and Princes St. Three solicitor's letters regarding the estate are placed inside the back cover, all directed to Frederick Hall and Son, Solicitors, South Mall, Cork: regarding LV Hunt deceased and his widow Ethel Lucy (1940); regarding JA Bastable (1947); and regarding Muriel O'Doherty (1972). [See also U137/RL/B/013 and 014]


Date: 1887 - 1907


Level : item Title: Rental/Record (Judicial Rents, Bandon Estate Office) Extent: 11 ff Scope and Content:

Rental/Record Book recording fixing of rents by the Land Court. Each folio contains the following fields: Number, Landlord's Name, Tenant's Name, Lands, Date of originating Notice, Date of Service, Present Rent, Acreage, Valuation, Date of Decision by Land Court, New Rent, Date of Decision by Appeal Court, Rent fixed by Appeal Court, Remarks. This last field contains references to agreements with the Land Commission, to the County Courts, and changes to rent. Evidently covers landlords whose properties are managed by Bandon Estate Office (RW Doherty; Doherty and Jones). Landlords include Dr and Mrs Moorhead, Gillman Minors, RW Doherty, Fitzpatrick Estate, and many others. Lines have been drawn through many entries [possibly signifying estate disposed of, or agency changed].

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