Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1893 - 1921


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 306pp Scope and Content:

Volume headed 'Bandon Estate - Tenants' Rent Ledger'. Each page is headed by a number of fields, not all of which are always completed. The field headed Denomination records the name of the property, but also the name of the lessor or owner. A field underneath headed Tenure is sometimes completed. The next main field is Tenant's Name (subsidiary field for address usually blank). There are further fields for Contents of Holding, Rent, and Ordnance Valuation (only Rent field usually completed). The lower part of each page records rents and monies due and received. Changes in tenancy and ownership and cancellations are recorded. Properties include town houses and offices. Landlords/Lessors include RW Doherty, TW Hicks, Rep. W Wolfe, the Countess of Bandon, Dr and Mrs Moorhead, Col. SH Clerke, J Howard Hunter, Rev SH Payne, Rep. Jacob and Miss Biggs, Alfred Hunter,AW Unkles, Land Commission (p469),Rev A Stanley, Gillman Minors, James Dawson, Rev TT Halloran, Col JF Sweeney, Thomas Banfield, Rep Samuel Scott, Earl of Bandon (pp521, 524),Lt Col G Roche, and AR Hamilton. [RW Doherty occurs most often as landlord. Amendments and crossings out suggest final land acts disposal of some properties. Bandon Estate Office-managed properties. See U137/RL/B/010 and U137/RL/B/012]


Date: 1895 - 1901 (1903)


Level : item Title: Rental (Synge Estate) Extent: 209 folios and 43 pp Scope and Content:

Rental recording denomination, tenant's name, landlord, folio, and payments due and received. Beneath, there are fields for recording record number, poor law valuation, original rent, judicial rent, a date when rent and lease fixed. In a 'Remarks' field, the area of the holding, valuation details, and events such as ejectments, are noted. Arrears and half year's rents are noted, and at the end reference is made to any later folio regarding the same holding. The 'Folio' field notes folio number in 'old ledger' or an earlier folio in this volume relating to the same holding.Throughout, the landlord's name is Sir F Synge, Bart. The properties are largely in east Cork (eg, Ballymacoda, Lislee Court, Agha). From p211 on, the volume notes other accounts of Synge, eg (p211-12), with the Irish Land Commission, (pp217-18) with Cork Defense Union, (pp221-22) Church of Ireland. [No reference to Doherty, although notes in red, in remarks, or confirming totals, seem to be initialled by an estate agent. This type of rental seems to have been used to document the setting of judicial and fixed rents, perhaps in the context of the Irish Land Commission and land acts. See U137/RL/B/011].

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