Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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terms of lease, and area. Some folios only record tenant and denomination name, and some document accounts other than rent (eg, folio 64, 'John Shine with Hon Wm S Bernard', Shine apparently acting as agent/rent collector for Bernard). The remainder of each folio records payments due and received. Many of the holdings are in Burrane and White Castle. William S Bernard appears to have been the landlord, and has signed off on the final rental accounts contained (eg, folio 98). Inside the front cover are some enclosures, including a receipt signed on behalf of the High Constable for labour rate due for Relief Works, 12 July 1849 [famine relief].


Date: 1858 - 1883


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 180 ff Scope and Content:

Rental (cash book) in respect of rents paid for various holdings, including Oakmount,Kildeelbeg, Kildeelmore, Lisbealid, Clounties, and other denominations. Each folio records tenant's name, denomination, the yearly rent and year of rent, followed by a record of rent owed and received. Poor rates, new agreements, and Griffith's valuation are also referred to. Inside the front cover is a newscutting regarding the sale of the Oakmount residence of Dr Moorhead, near Bandon. Indexed.


Date: 1860 - 1888


Level : item Title: Rental, Fitzpatrick Estate Extent: 273 ff Scope and Content:

Rental/Day Book in respect of the estate of the Representatives of PP Fitzpatrick. At the top of each folio is recorded the name of the payee/tenant, in account with the representatives. Eg, folio 1, 'Jeremiah D Sweeney in account with Reps of PP Fitzpatrick Esq (part of Mountrivers)'. This is followed below by dated record of payments due and received, always in respect of rent. Payment is generally by cash, but may also partially be by income tax or poor rates. The volume is indexed. Place and denomination names are generally not recorded, although there are references to Mountrivers, Ballyvirane, Coolihane, and Macroom and district.

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