Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Rental Ledgers (Managed Estates)



Title: Level: Date:

Rental Ledgers (Managed Estates)

sub-series 1822 - 1964


14 items

Scope and Content: Rent ledgers relating to several estates managed by the Bandon Estate Office (some including earl of Bandon's estate information), and ledgers relating to separate estates also managed by the firm. These 14 items are arranged in chronological order, and record details of denomination, tenant name, tenure, and area. Their format and the estates to which they refer are noted in descriptions for individual items. Items U137/RL/B/006, 013 and 014, which contain entries up to the 1950s and 1960s, refer to the firm of F Hall and Son, solicitors, South Mall, Cork, and may not relate to Doherty and Jones-managed property.


Date: 1822 - 1838


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 18 ff Scope and Content:

Rental ledger recording totals for named farms, and related disbursements. Tenant names are not recorded. Pages to the left of the ledger, headed 'Rental', record Name of farm, Arrears Due, One Year's Rent Due, Cash Received, Allowances, Cash Received and Allowance, and Arrears Due. The right side of the ledger, headed 'Disbursements', records and dates lodgements made. Folios 1-6 contain entries for holdings in the Earl of Bandon's Eastern Estate for 1822-24. These are followed by other disbursements (payments), and on folio 11 the Earl of Bandon signs off on the agency account of John Swete from September 1822 to November 1824. Folios 12-14 contain entries for eastern estate holdings for 1825, followed by Western Estate holdings (folios 14-16). On folio 17 the Earl of Bandon signs off on Swete's agency account Nov 1825 to Nov 1826.On folio 18, the earl signs off on Swete's agency account for Nov 1837 to Dec 1838 (no further listings for farms/denominations or other disbursements occur]. [Swete (Sweete) [agent to Earl of Bandon]: see U137/CB/023. This volume was evidently intended to document rents for various estates, but appears only to include those for the earl of Bandon's estate. See, eg, U137/EV/B/001.]


Date: 1829 - 1855


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 96 ff Scope and Content: Rental, recording at the top of each folio the tenant name, rent amount, description of holding,

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