Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



6 Oct., 1617. Mem. Curioo Civ. Cork, tempore Willielmi Gold fz. George, Maioris, Thomoo Morly et Lancellot Teape, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. Edward Haries, Esq., Chief Justice of Munster and Recorder of this City, was s.worn a Councellor of the City. Sir Par Lane, Knt., was sworn a Councillor of the City. Robert Glover was admitted to his freedom, paying 3li. Lanncellot Teape was likewise so admitted, paying 3li. Edward Harries, Esq., afsd., is sworn Recorder this day, because his Majies. Service will not permit his being here on Monday next. 13 Oct., 1617. ]forasmuch as the Mayor, Mr. William Gold, at the request as well of the Aldermen &c. of this City, whose names are under written, as also the Sheriffs and Commonaltie of the same, did take the office of Mayoraltie for this year, to which he could not be pressed until the same should come to his turn, we therefore, for the good of the Mayor and supplying part of the great charges which he shall be at, do allow unto him ten pounds ster. per month as long as he shall continue in said office, out of such customs, casualties, or other means, as shall come to the Corporation. George Gowlle, Edmo. Tyrrye, John Coppinger, Thomas Sarsfelde, David Tyrrye fz. Stephen, William Skyddy, Thomas Martel, Launcelot Teap, Da. Tyrry, George Geoffry, Thomas Goolde, Nicholas Vale (?), Piers Goulde, John Arthoure, John Verdon, Pi (?) Tyrry, Speaker, · Henry Gallwey, Phillip Goolde, Edmo. Martell, Edw. Roche, James Morrogh, Mychell Galwey. Edward Mylls, sworn Sword bearer. James Martell fz. Robt., Deputy Water Bailiff. James Martell fz. David and Arthour Skiddy, Porters, with this caution, that the Mayor, with the advice of his brethren, may remove them as their contempts shall require. Clement Tirrie, Sergeant at Mace. Stephen Gallway, likewise Serjeant at Mace. 20 Oct., 1617. Thomas Skidie and Marice Gold, sworn petty Sergeants. William Slqddie, Searcher and guager.

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