Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



John Gold and Nicholas Verdon, underporters. John Chymyne and John Walsh, yeomen. James Curtane, drummer. James Power, Andrew Gallway, and Thomas Collenane, Pilots. David Dudly, guide. Edmond Mortimer, bellman.

27 Oct., 1617.

Mr. Edmond Tirrie, Ald., and Wm. Coppinger fz. Alexander, sworn over- seers. Mr. Adam Gold, Common Speaker. Morice Roch and Wm. Coppinger fz. Alexander, sureties in 100li. ap1ece for Clement Tirry, and said Clement bound in same sum. Adam Gold, Common Speaker, admitted clerk of the fines, to have fourth part of the fines for his pains. Philip Gold fz. Gerrett and Robert Miagh fz. Wm., are bound in 100li. apiece for Stephen Gallwey, Serjeant at mace, and the said Stephen is bound in a like sum. Patrick Martell fz. James is sworn a freeman in consideration that he or his father shall erect a penthouse upon the North bridge and·in the west side of the same at their own cost, the work to be made by Easter next. 27 Oct., 1617. Same day and year, it was moved in-the deer hundred, as well by the Mayor, &c., as by the common Speaker, on behalf of the Commonaltie, that certain parts of the walls are already fallen, and that other parts of the same, and the two bridges, are likewise ready to fall unless present order be taken for their repairs, and as the Chamberlain hath no revenue in his hands, and as the safety and general good of the City, under God, doth de- pend on their walls and bridges, It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., of their own free wills in said deer hundred, for a tax, and that for the more ease of the Corporation, rather than yield to a present tax and payment of sums which the corporation cannot spare, that all parcels of such victuals, grain~ merchandize, &c., underwritten, which shall from 2 Nov. next until the end of a whole year come to this City or within the liberties hereof, either to be 10

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