Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


granted to James Barrie all and· singular the mannors, lordships, &c., in the towns and fields of Carickthwohill, Castelloliethan, Kilmollagh ats. Butta- vant, Liscarrull, Orreriestearragh, the Great and Little Island in the haven of ~ork. Themollaye, Barries Rath als. Rathinbarry, and Lislahertie, and in all the towns and fields, &c., of the Lord Barrie More, and of Ballyro in co. Corck, with all services, advowsons of churches and courts, with their profits and fines, appertaining to the manors of Carricktwohill, &c., &c. To have all said Manors, &c., unto said James Barrie, Lord Barrie, his heirs, &c., for ever. And further said Edmond hath made John Gowle fz. Patrick of Cork, .mercht., his lawful attorney to give possessiOn in the name of said Edmond, &c., to said James, Lord Barrie." 20 Sep., 1617. George Gallway fz. John is admitted free for 20s., which sum is allowed upon the 5 pounds which his father lent the Corporation in the time of the Mayoraltie of Mr. Thomas Sarsfield. 24 Sep., 1617. James Gallway fitzPatrick, a Mayor's son, admitted free paying lOs. David Lombard fz. Eduard (Edmond ?) is admitted free for 25s., the rest allowed him for disbursements laid out by his father for the corporation, of which 25s., 20s. is paid the Bellfounders, so as they are paid of the 4 pounds which was in hand promised them in open court. The other 5s. Mr. John Verdon received for the Chamberlain's use. 1 Oct., 1617. Domk. Creagh, mercht., was solemnly in open court three several Mon- days called upon to redeem a small silver goblet, London touch, which he pawned for 40s. ster. to John Coppinger fz. Adam, above a year and a day passed, and he appeared not, therefore, according the custom of this city, the praising of the said cup was referred to William Tyrry fz. Richard, mercht., and Morice Leyles, goldsmith, who returned this day that the said goblett weighed seven ounces and a quarter, and that every ounce of the same is worth 5s., and so the Cup is worth but 36s. Thomas Morley was admitted free, paying 3li. ster., of which he paid in Court to Mr.·Verdon, attorney to the Chamberlain, 40s.

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