Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



· shall come next to this City, and as Mr. Speaker David Tirrie fz. Edmond hath lent the fine ten pounds to be paid unto Mr. Beecher, which was done, we sell absolutely for that ten pounds unto said David the next choice butt of Cheries sack prisage that shall come to this harbour or City, the Court to pay the freight, unless said David be repaid said ten pounds before this day fortnight. Mr. Edward Beecher was paid the four score pounds which was promised him for compounding for the City Mortmain, and 30 pounds for other mort- main lands past in his_Majies. letters patents, which he assigned to the Cor- poration, all which amounts to 110li., the former 80 pounds was paid by Mr. Domk. Tyrry, Ald., for parcel of the said mortmain. 16 July, 1617. As leave of the Market is given for selling some small quantity of Span- ish wine, French wine, and salt, come to this harbour, It was agreed in open Court, that whosoever shall buy said wines and salt shall pay for every hogshead of salt six pence ster., for every tun of Spanish wine 10 shillings, for every tun of Gascoyne wine 5 shillings. The Chamberlain to be charged with same in his accounts. 5 Sept., 1617. John Flemyng, who served his Apprentiship with John Mathewe fz. James of this city, merchant, above seven years, is admitted to his freedom paying three pounds, which was delivered to the Bell-founders in part pay- ment of the sum promised them towards the casting of the two bells of Christ Church. 18 Aug., 1617. Same day, &c., William fz. Robert fz..::,Edm.ond Barrie Harper produced in open Court the counterpawne of a deed of indenture sealed and endorsed with names of witnesses that were present at the sealing of the deed. "This Indenture made 18 March, 1560, betwixt James Barrie, Lord Barrie More and Barrie Roe, on part, and Edmond Barrie of Rathgobbane, son and heir to Gerald Barrie, son and heir to Richard Barrie on the other part, Witnesseth, that for divers benefits, &c., extended by the said James to the said Edmond, It was agreed between said James, lord Barrie, and Edmond as followeth : First; said Edmond Barrie for him and his heirs hath

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