Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



which the butchers shall slaughter out of gates shall be free of pontage. Agreed in open Com·t. 7 May, 1617. As the Chamberlain, Mr. Moyrogh, affirmeth in Court before the Mayor &c., that he hath no money of the Corporation on hand whereby the work of the walls decayed can be supplied, and for that he hath now one tun of Gascoyne wine of prisage remaining upon his hand unsold, We, the Mayor, Recorder, &c., do give power to said Chamberlain to retail said tun of wine to supply said work, and we promise to save him harmless of what losses he shall receive by retailing hereof. Milchior Lavallin is admitted free paying 13s. 4d. John McTeig Hurly is admitted free paying same.1 John Colman fz. Philip admitted free paying 5 pounds, whereof the Mayor received 4 pounds. 19 May, 1617. Teige Roe 0 Shigane was admitted free in as ample a manner as every other tradesman, paying 5li., which is to be paid over to Mr. Mayor, in part for his entertainment. 28 May, 1617. Richard Connell, Clerk of the Crown of the City and County, is admitted free, paying to Mr. Mayor 20s. to buy a new scabbard for the king's sword. Same day, said Richard, by consent of the Mayor, Recorder, &c., is made Clerk of the Crown and Peace of this City and Co., during his good behaviour. 17 June, 1617. Same day, by the most voice of the Commonalty, Mr. Edward Harries, Chief Justice of Munster, was elected Recorder, and sworn to execute the same place as his predecessors. • 30 June, 1617. As the Corporation have no means at the present to pay ten pounds ster. to Mr. Beecher for the mortmayne laws, which was the remain of all that was promised him, but to sell the next butt of Cherry's Sack prisage which

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