Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Same day, the Recorder, by direction as af0resaid, the 14 pounds received of Adam Gold, and the 10 pounds received of William Tirrie fz. Patrick. were delivered unto said Dominick Roch to the use of the Hospital. Philipp Pounch, Town Clerk, delivered in open Court. by direction of the Maior, the Lord Sarsfield, Recorder, and Aldermen, to Mr. Dominick Roch, Ald., for the use of the Corporation, 13 pounds 10 shill., which he received from certain merchants that bought part of Ma:rcus Fants wine. PAT. TYRRYE, Maior. J 0. BUTLER, Vic. Harrie Gold fz. Adam showed in court, under the hands o~ Mr. Dominick Roch, Ald., and Harrie Verdon, merchant, .Auditors appointed to hear the accounts of such money as said Harrie received and dispursed to the works ' of the new Hospital, That all that the said Harrie received was 66 pounds ster, which he received of John Miagh fz. Thomas, James Hally, John Gall- wey fz. John, and Adam Gold, with 17s. lOd. more laid out for the works. 14 March, 1616. The fine of 20 nobles Irish imposed on the above Robt. Miagh was re- duced by the Court to 4li. 8s., which was delivered to Mr. Domk.Roch, Ald., for the use of the corporation. The five pounds Irish imposed on Harrie Gold, and which the Recorder received, was this day re-delivered to Mr. Domk. Roch, for the use of the Corporation. Mr. Domk. Roch, .Ald., paid in Court, by direction of the Mayor, Recorder, &c., in redemption of the custom of both the Gates which Morris Roch had in mortgage, the sum of 40 pounds ster., and thereupon the deeds of mort- gage, &c., were cancelle.d, and left in Mr. Recorder's hands until he will de- liver them to be left in the Common Chest. 4 .April, 1617. The pontage of both the gates are set at the Mayor's request to him at 20 shillings weekly, from 5th of this month until the Monday after Michrel- mas next, if he continue Mayor so long to be defaulked of his entertain- ment. Provided always, that all the freemen of this city shall have all their provision, hides, and commodities which shall come to them from the ,country, free of pontage. .Also, that the hides and tallow of the cows

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