Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


10 Feb., 1616. Mr. John Gerrald, of Cloyne, Esq., was admitted free, for that his father and grandfather were free, and other good consideratio~s, gratis. 10 March, 1616. This day, of the 17 pounds ster. which was sent by Stephen. Miagh fz. Gerrett, to be delivered this last Hillary term to Edward Goold fz. Edward to be bestowed about the penalty of fines, the said Edward did deliver thereof vs. vid. to an attorney, and the rest being 16li. 14s. 6d. he delivered to the Lord Sarsfield, in presence of the Aldermen, and his Lordship did deliver the same to the Recorder for the Corporation. (Note on margin.) "Which sum of 16li. 14s. 6d. was the 14 day of this March, 1616, delivered again in Christ Church to the Lord Sarsfield, in presence of the Mayor and Aldermen, by the Recorder." Same day. Adam Goold fz. Patrick delivered unto Lord Sarsfield 14 pounds of the money received by his Servant, to the use of the Hospital, which money said Sarsfield delivered to the Recorder for the use of the Hospital. (Note on margin.) 13 l1arch, 1616. "The same day the said Recorder redelivered the said 14 pounds ster. in :the said Church to the said Lord Sarsfield, in presence of the Mayor and Aldermen, and ten pounds more which the Recorder received in Court of Mr. Tirry fz. Patrick, to the use of the Hospital" 11 March, 1616. In an open assembly, Harrie Gold fz. Perce was censured in five pounds Irish, and Robert Miagh .fz. David was fined 20 nobles Irish, for buying a bargain of Coniack wine that came to the city contrary to the ancient bye- laws of the city. 13 Ma1·ch, 1616. Same day, in Christ Church, the sum of 16li.14s. 6d., which the Recorder received by direction of the Lord Sarsfield from Edward Gold, was by Lord Sarsfield, with consent of the Mayor, &c., delivered unto Mr. Dominick Roch, Ald., to the use of the corporation. 9-2

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