Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



continue Chamberlain till such time as he shall receive said sums as he shall lay out, in consideration that he is to lend, to supply the wants of the City~ 20 pounds ster., and for his trouble he is to be allowed 9d. ·in the pound, provided that he make a monthly account before the Recorder, and at the end of the year befor"e the Mayor and council. Edmond Goold fz. .George and Francis Roch are sureties for Edmond Morrogh. Mr. David Tyrrie fz. Edmond is chosen Common Speaker. 13 Jan., 1616. John Butler, gent., was admitted free by general consent, g?~atis. Said John Butler swo-rn by common consent one of the Sheriffs. 23 Jan., 1616. Thomas Ring is admitted free paying 5 pounds ster. Said Thomas Ring, by common consent, is elected second Sheriff of the city. 28 Jan., 1616. That the imprest bill of Sir Barnabe Brien, Kt., for 20 pounds ster, which the Corporation lent to supply said Sir Barnabe's foot company, and which bill was left in keeping of the Recorder, who this day in court, at the in- stance of the Mayor, brethren, and council, delivered same to Edmond Morrogh, Chamberlain, to be accountable to the Corporation for the same. P ATK. TYRRYE, Maior. J o. BuTLER, Sher. 31 Jan., 1616. Same day, in open Court, the tun of Gascoyne wine prisage that Milchior Lavallin now brought to Youghal, and which he is to bring hither next wind, was canted, and sold to supply the wants of the city to Patrick Laval- lin for 14 pounds ster. and paying freight besides, and if said ship do not come hither, then Patrick Lavallin to have the first ton of Gascoyne wines prisage that shall come to this city. Same day, the second next ton of prisage sherie wine, whereof William Goold, Ald., shall make choice, is canted and sold to said Mr. Goold for 22li. ster. and there is 30s. left in his hands to pay prisage of that tun and the other tun due to Mr. John Gerald.

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