Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


31 Dec., 1616. Jasper Miagh and Stephen Gallwey, Sheriffs, elected by direction of the Right Ron. the Lord Deputy and council bearing date 29 Nov., appeared in open court and produced the direction aforesaid, the tenor whereof is : "We require the petitioner and Stephen Gallway to repair to Corck, and there to be proceeded with according to the certific3tte of the Lord Chief Justice Sarsfield, and we require the Corporation to proceed with them ac.. cording to Lord Sarsfield's report within mentioned, the tenor of which re- port ensueth, 27 Dec., 1616." "It may please your Lordship, &c. I find that this petitioner and one Stephen Gallway, being elected Sheriffs of Corck, did fly away from undergoing the office, and I am also confidant that their recusancy is the cause thereof. I find not that .they have as yet incurred any offence against the law, and am therefore of opinion that it shall please your Lordship that it were fit they be required to present themselves before the Corporation, and there to take upon them their office, and in default, to submit to such fines as by the laws of the City may be laid on them, and thereupon the Corporation to be commanded to elect con- formable men to supply those offices, all which I leave to your Lordship's consideration, Do. Sarsfield." By virtue of the premises, said Miagh and Gallwey in open Court refused to exercise such office according to the statute, and submitted to be fined or disfranchised, whereupon the Mayor, Recorder, &c., considering what travel and charges said Miagh and Gallwey sustained in going to Dublin, &c., they have fined them 3 pounds apiece, which was paid instantly, and they are discharged of said office according to the Lo.- Deputie's pleasure. The corporation to proceed to the election of new Sheriffs. 3 Jan., 1616. The Aldermen, &c., assembled, have confirmed their first promise made to the Mayor for the allowance of ten pounds ster. monthly, for his entertain- ment during his year. 3 Jan., 1616. In an assembly of the Mayor, &c., Edmond Mortogh was elected Cham- berlain for one year, and in the interim, if said Edmond do not receive of the revenues all such sums as he shall lay out for the corporation, he shall 9

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