Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


27 Aug., 1616. William Tyrry and Richard Tyrry fz. Patrick were admitted free in con- sideration of lOs. apiece to be deducted from certain disbursements of 33s. 1 Od. laid out by the Mayor on behalf· of the Corporation, whereof he demanded payment this day in Court. 4 Sep., 1616. John Cleere fz. Phillip, of Corck, mercht., is admitted free in considera- tion of 26s. Sd. The Chamberlain to be charged with 20s. the residue to .Adam Goold of his lending, and is paid.

30 Sep., 1616. Mr. Patrick Tyrry was elected and sworn mayor for the next year.

16 Dec., 1616. It appeareth by a letter from the Right Hon. the Lord Deputy and Council to the Maior, &c., that Mr. Thomas Goold, Recorder, hath been wrongfully put from the office of Recordership. therefore their Lordships pleasure and straight command was that the said Thomas Goold should be confirmed in his Recordership until by orderly course it be taken from him. In pursuance thereof the said Thomas Goold was in open court before the Mayor, and sworn this day. P ATx TYRRY, Maior. 30 Sep., 1616~ Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Patricii Tyrry fz. William, Maioris. Jasper Miagh and Stephen Gallwey fz. Water, were elected Sheriffs for said year. Said day, Domk Water fz. Christopher was admitted Councellor of this- City in consideration of 8 pounds. Said money was paid Mr. Patrick Tyrry, then Maior: 14 Nov., 1616. It was agreed that there shall be collected out of every tun of the Gas- coyne wine lately bought by Mr. Fant, of Gallwey, and to be landed here, the sum of lOs. of every freeman of this City who shall buy same, the Chamberlain to receive same.

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