Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



18 June, 1616. The said Sheriffs were this day, before they took their oaths, censured by the voices of most of the council in ten pounds a piece, for their contempt in not appearing in Court, being sent for and warned by the Serjeant at Mace, according the ancient custom to take their oath. 17 July, 1616. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that there shall be collected out of every ton of Portingall wine lately brought by Thomas Xwpe, [sic], merchant into this harbour, the sum of 30s. and of every hogshead of salt brought in that vessel sixpence, if the wine or salt be bought by any person within the City or Liberties. The Chamberlain to collect same, or seize the wine and salt so landed, and safely keep same until said sum be fully satisfied. 5 Aug., 1616. In regard Henry Goold fz. Piers and Morris Roch fz. James, of Cork, Merchts., have bought the wines aforesaid; and that they should pay accord- ing to the effect of the said entry, to the use of the Corporation, Mr. William GoGld fz. George, .Ald., one of the overseers of said city, hath seized upon the wines. And hereupon said Henry and Morris have delivered him cer- tain plate, being one old gilt salt wanting a cover, and a silver cup, in per- formance of the contents of the entry, which plate said William tendered at Court by direction of the Mayor, &c., and was delivered unto the hands of Patrick Lavallyn, who paid six pounds ster. unto the Mayor, Mr. Patrick Tyrry, towards the entertainment of the Right Honl the Lord Abbercorne, detaining the plate for his security. It is agreed that William Goold shall be discharged concerning the plate, and that upon payment of six pounds unto said Patrick, Henry and Morris shall have the plate. 20 July, 1616. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Patricii Tyrry, Maioris, J ohannis Cop- pinger fz. John et Willielmi Gallwey fz. Edmond vicecomit. Civitatis predictre. · The Sheriffs have taken their oaths on Monday, 5 Aug.

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