Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


James Martell, Stay Master. David Dudly, Guide. · The Bellman, sworn. Piers Wailing and John Bernaghe, Yeomen.

15 Nov., 1615. Forasmuch as Stephen White hath delivered a letter of Attorney under his hand and seal unto Mr. Eduard Beecher~ the escheator for the sum of twelve pounds at the hands of Francis Edgwourth, of Dublin, gent., left in -deposit in his hands by the executors of the last will and testnt of John Corbally, which twelve pounds, if it be received by Beecher, is to be by him detained to make up the forty pounds promised him by the Corporation for the clearing of the mortmain lands, and in regard the bond for the pay- ment of said 12 pounds was at first in Stephen White's name, to the use of the Hospital house, therefore said Stephen, his executors, &c., are released, and the Corporation to make satisfaction of so much towards the erecting the Hospital house. 22 Jan., 1615. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that there shall be paid out of every .ton of Gascoyne wine lately brought into this harbour by a Skotts.merchant, if the wine be bought by any of the City, the sum of ten s~gs to the use of the corporation. The Chamberlain to receive same out of every ton discharged out of the shi_p and bought as aforesaid. 11 March, 1615. This-day, Mr. Domk Water fz. Christopher and Patrick Cronyng fz. John -were elected Sheriffs, and said Domk was sworn Chamberlain of the city revenue, and found sureties, Mr. William Skyddy fz. John and David Tyrry fz. David, Ald., to yield a true account of his receipts according to the usual custom of said city. 7 June, 1616. Mem. Curioo Civ. Corck tempore Thomre Goold, Maioris. The said Mayor hath taken his oath 17 of same month and likewise the Sh~riffs were sworn, Mr. William fz. Gerrald and William Roch, 18 June.

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