Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



2 Oct., 1615. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Georgii Tyrry fz.Edd.,Maioris Civ. Corck predictre, J ohannis Gallwey et Jacobi Goold, vicecom. Civitatis predictre. 31 Oct., 1615. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore J ohannis Coppinger fz. John, ·Maioris Civ. Corck, Mauricii Roch fz. James et Thomre Martell fz. Philipp vicecom. Civitatis predictre. Mr. Thomas Goold was swo1n Recorder of the City, Mr. Sheriff Roch, Chamberlain of the city revenue ; sureties Mr. Domk Roch, Ald., and Mr. Edmond Martell, gent. Mr. Sheriff Martell, sureties, Henry Goold fz. Piers, and Edmond Martell~ gent. Edmond Mylles, Sword bearer, sureties William Goold, Ald.~ and Henry Goold fz. Adam. James Martell, Porter of the North Gate ; sureties, John Roch fz. Morris arid Stephen Skyddy. Arthoure Skyddy, do. of South Gate ; sureties, Edmond Martell and Robert Miagbe. James Martell, Water Bailiff; sureties, Domk. Walter and James Goold fz. George. Clement Tyrry, one of the Sergeants at Mace. Sureties, Robert Miaghe and Stephen Skyddy. Stephen Gallwey, another Sergeant at Mace. Sureties, Robert Miaghe and Stephen Skyddy. Thomas Skyddy and Morris Goold, Petty Sergeants ; sureties, Harry Goold fz. Piers and Patrick Lavallyn, for both of them. Nicholas Verdon, Petty Porter of the South Gate. Sureties, John Ver- don and Henry Goold fz. Adams. John Goold, Petty Porter of the North Gate. Sureties, John Roch fz. Morris and Stephen Skyddy. James Power and Thomas Collynane, Pilots. Sureties, Domk. Water and James Goold fz. George. Mr. William Goold, Ald., and .Stephen Skyddy, gent., Overseers. William Skyddy fz. George, Searcher and Guager.

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