Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


under their hands, &c., one part to remain with the Mayor, &c., the o~her in His Majies. high Court of Chancery, who on the 13 and 14 of July, 1609, perambulated the said three miles of either side of said City of .Corke in manner following, viz., on Thursday, 13 July, we perambulated three miles on the north side to extend from the walls of said City on the north side ~ to the river .Awbegg as it falleth into the river Lee over against Carregro- '- hanbegg on the west, to the Laght..._or heap of stones, on the hill by west _..."\ Bearna-an-Clynoa to the high way l~~ding the;;:ce to the pond or Iough of Blarney, thence to the river next be north the Castle of Blarney as it 0 runneth from the mill of Blarney, which river is called .A~m~,-and }'->;-\northward to the brook and feih or bo~ near the lands of .Ardamadane and J Mone-Irinaghe, which cometli'!fOinthe feigh or bog of Culeowen, a little - north of the church of Kileowen to .Almiclohifinny, a~d thence eastward to the Glin or valley betwixt Lisballienvarrig and Ballenvallig to the two long stones called Gullaneny-seientie, and thence to Bealehileyhh to the mill of ) Downbollige, and as the river of Glanmoyre runneth from thence to the () King's channel at Bialihitwor~h b~nd on Friday, 14 July, we perambulated, &c., the th'reeiDnes to extend on the south side of the City of Corke, viz., the same to extend to the valley called Glane-June, as the brook running through the same falleth into the King's channel by east,

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