Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


tu be paid out of said moneys, which wine was canted at Court, and in regard that none would give more than the said sum, said William had it given him. 11 May, 1614. It was agreed upon the last day by common consent that Dominick Water or his assignes, &c., unto whom the offices of Water Bailiffship, Clarkship of the Market, and pannelship is mortgaged for six score pounds · ster., shall have the full allowance for such duties, and fees out of every pannell for any bargain whatsoever that shall be held within the said City or liberties either for a common bargain or otherwise, if the Mayor for the time being have his penny ton. 30 May, 1614. Thomas fz. John Gerrald, of Cork, Merch'., to ha-ve his freedom in con- sideration of 20s., being an old Bailiff's son. Edmond Lombard was sworn free, being a Bailiff's son, and paid 20s. ster •. William Tyrry fz. James sworn free, being a Councellor's son, and paid 209. James Gallwey fZ. John is likewise admitted free, and paid 20s. 27 Jwne, 1614. Christopher Creaugbe fz. John is admitted free of this City in considera- tion of 13s. 4d., being an Alderman's son, of which sum there is forgiven him 3s. 4d. in regard of his losses. 30 June, 1614. By consent of the Mayor, &c., the residue of the ~essuage wherein dwelleth Stephen Skyddy fz. George, viz., all the land and houses from the 4nd of the said Stephen on the east, unto his Majies walls on the west, being canted at Court, is granted unto John Gallwey fz. John, of Cork, mercht., in consideration of 50 pounds ster. paid by him unto the Corporation, whereof Mr. Beacher, the escheator, is to receive 40 pounds ster., and ao- cordingly said Gallwey, his heirs, &c., is to have the premises, &c., paying . his portion of his Majies re~t, meantime the Corporation to be bound in 300

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