Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



pounds ster. to perfect said conveyance under the Commonalties .Seal of the City to said John, his heirs, &c., for ever. 1 July, 1614. . By consent of the Mayor, &c., in regard of the neglect of the late Marshal Richard Goold, whereby great abuses were by him committed in not exe- cuting his office, Mr. John Tyrry fz. Francis is now appointed Marshal of this City and Co. during his life and good behaviour, and he authorized by special warrant to have the fees, &c., of his office, as any other Marshal in the City of Dublin or Waterford, said Tyrry to find good securities unto the Mayor, &c., of this City, and also at his own charge have a sufficient house or marshalsea for committing such persons as he shall have charge of. 4 July, 1614. ·John Goold fz. Patrick is admitted, .&c., free, paying 26s. 8d. ster., the -Chamberlain to be charged with 23s. 4d. Richard Mahone is sworn free, paying as aforesaid. 11 July, 1614. Stephen Lombard fz. James sworn free of the City, and being a Bailiff's son, paid 20.!. ster. Robert Martell fz. Domk. was sworn free, and being a Freeman's son, paid five nobles, whereof the Chamberlain is to be charged 30s., and the residue released by the Court in regard to the poverty of said Robert. Edward Skyddy sworn free in consideration of 30s., to be charged upon the Chamberlain, and for his discharge he hath a token from the Sword Bearer, who received so much money at the hands of said Edward for his wages. 21 July, 1614. Forasmuch as upon the canting of divers bargains at Court, sundry persons of this City that gave their earnest or God's penny for accomplish- ing hereof, and contrary to their promises upon quiddities, relinquished and withdraw themselves from making payment, to the prejudicing of the Coud and Corporation. To the end-that hereafter such earnest or God's penny may be of full force, it is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that every person of the citizens that shall give in Court an earnest or God's penny for performance

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