Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals

WILLIAM TYRRY TO HAVE THE TOWER OF BLACKROCK. 49 of any bargain, shall perform it, so as the Mayor, &d., give full benefit unto the party giving his God's penny. It is also made a bye-law, that whoever shall refuse to make good his bargain after delivering his earnest, shall be disfranchised of his Councillorship and freedom within the City, and shall forfeit to the King's Majie, and to the use of the Corporation the sum of 20 pounds ster. in default, the King's Sheriff to levy some of their goods or commit them, and every Mayor permitting this bye-law to. be infringed, to forfeit for the use of the Corporation 40 pounds ster., and every Sheriff 20li. a piece, to be levied by the Chamberlain of the City for the time being. 21 July, 1614. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., in consideration of ten pounds ster., to be paid by William Tyrry unto the Chamberlain of the City revenues towards erecting a~d making up the roof of the South Gaol, and mending the way leading to St. Dominick's Abbey, the said Tyrry, his heirs, &c., shall have passed unto them the tower of Blackrock, &c., with the plot of land there- unto belonging, in mortgage of said ten pounds, during 31 years, yielding 203. year1y during said term unto the Corporation, same to be conveyed unto said William, his heirs, &c., provided that upon any special cause of se~ce the Corporation shall have same, and said William shall not let the premises nor any part thereof unto any person but only a free citizen of Corck, or being a freeman's son, upon pain of forfeiting his interest, likewise for non-payment of rent within one sennight after any of the feasts, the lease to be voided. That it shall be from time to time sufficiently repaired, and h~ shall not permit to his endeavour any rubbish or ballast to be cast out of any ship, barque, or boat, into the channel, nor near Blackrock. It is also provided that the mease of herrings due unto Blackrock shall be· reserved for the use of the Corporation, and excepted in the covenant to be perfected. 31 .Aug., 1614. Richard Tyrry fz. Steaphen is sworn free in consideration of 103. paid, being an Alderman's son, the Chamberlain) Edmond Goold, to be charged 38. 4d., the rest being allowed in the behalf of Mr. David Tyrry lending in M.r. Thomas Sarsfild's year, so as said David is wholly paid of his lending. Philip Roch fz. Richard is sworn free in consideration of 238. 4d. 7

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