Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



31 Jan., 1613. That Edmond Goold fa. George was admitted and sworn Councillor of the City, in consideration of eight pounds ster. paid by him, which advance- ment was presently given, in consideration that said Edmond was sworn Sheriff of said City on Michrel.mas Monday last. 3 March, 1613. Adam Goold fz. Patrick and Christopher Gallwey fz. John, in considera:.. tion of sixteen pounds paid by them towards the employment of Mr. David Tyrry fz. Stephen as one of the burgesses for England, were sworn Coun- cillors of this City, and also, said day, were sworn Sheriffs for this year, and to have their place, &c., after the preceding Sheriffs who were Coun- cellors. Also that they sh8ll not hereafter be charged with the office of Sheriffship of this City but by their own consent. 11 March, 1613. It was agreed on by the Mayor. &c., that David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Ald., now employed as one of the burgesses for England, shall have per diem so much allowance as Mr. James Gallwey, burges of Lymerick hath from that Corporation~ and that to be deducted from the 50 pounds now to be given him towards these occasions, notwithstanding the 6s. Sd. per diem allowed him, and recited in the bond, wherein he is bound to the Corporation, dated 12 March, 1613, and if the allowance of the said James Gallwey be more than 6s. 8d. per diem, said David to be accordingly paid. 12 March, 1613. That in consideration of the sum of 45 pounds paid by Mr. William Skyddy fz. John, by the appointment of the Mayor, &c., unto Mr. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, one of the burgesses of this City for England, said Skyddy is to receive the tonn of Canarie wine lately bought by J amel Gallwey and John Goold for prize wines, and as well the next two tonns of Gascoyne wine that shall come into the City, being prize wines, and accordingly the Chamberlain, Edmond Goold, in whose hands the said tonn of Canary wine is, to deliver same to said William ; and said two tonns of . Gascoyne wyne likewise, if it cometh in his time, the freight of said wine•

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