Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



deputy Mayor, according to the ancient custom of this City for government of said City, in the absence of the Mayor, and until he shall return, accord- ing to the custom and charters of the City, elect another, and for his pains he shall have, according to the ancient custom of the City. .3 0 Dec., 1612. That the Garden be north, the Gate being parcell of the supposed mort- mayns, and the tatch houses hereupon were canted at Court this day, and after long conference the most proffered for same was 80 pounds sterl., by Mr. Dominick ·Tyrry fz. Edmond, Ald. It was therefore agreed by the Mayor, &c., that said Dominick shall pay said sum on or before 31 Jan. unto the Mayor, Mr. William Skyddy, and Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., to be paid over in part payment of 210 pounds ster. unto Sir Garrett Moore, Knt., and he shall have the Garden and houses thereupon, &c., under the Com- monalties Seal-said Dominick, his heirs, &c., paying his Maj". ·the annual rent of 2s. sterl. The Corporation to expel t~e tenants upon said lands and give quiet possession to Domk. and his heirs; and that said Domk. may, withou~ interruption of the Corporation, build on same with lime and stone; and be saved harmless from all arrears of rents due on said premises. 2 Jan., 1612. Agreed, in regard that the prize wines are redeemed, that the new customs of both Gates and Marine Gate be revoked for the ease of the inhabitants and dwellers of the City. We, the Mayor, &c., have sold unto Stephen Skyddy fz. George, his heirs, &c., the stone house wherein he now dwelleth, whereof some is covered with thatch, and some unbuilt being in the parish of St. Peters, and situated in length from his Maie". street on the East, unto the pinacle of the stone house on the West, and from William Skyddy's land on the North unto Philip Cleeres~ land on the South being part of the Mortmains, lately pur- chased, for our use, from Sir Garratt Moore, Knt., cousin and heir of George Moore, gent., dec., patentee of said lands to her late Maj. Q. Eliz. for 60 pounds ster., 30 pounds to be paid 31 Jan., the other 30 by May 1 next We, the Mayor, promise to deliver to said Stephen, under the Commonaltie Seal of the City, all such security in law, in fee simple for said hou!3e, &c.

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